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Hi ladies. I just wanted to give a really quick hello before I leave for Maui tomorrow morning. I had a BLAST at our wedding. Everything went really well and I was really able to enjoy the day. I had some really great vendors. I have to say Teasha and Shannon and Kate McElwee were the best. They really were the super stars of the day. I also give major props to the Pan Pacific Hotel. They were really fantastic and accomidating to us. It helped my last 48 hours go a lot quicker and the rooms were goregous. I promise to have full vendor reviews and for sale items up when I get back. Kate said she should have at least some pictures up before week end. I am going to try to PIP the only non pro pic I have so far.


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Re: Real Quick Hello

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    Yay!  Saw some of the pics - despite them being fuzzy, you look beautiful!  Can't wait to see more - have an awesome time on the HM!!!
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    You looked so pretty and very happy in your pics.  Yay, congrats!  Have an AWESOME time in Maui.  So glad they didn't get hit by a huge tsunami!

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    You looked gorgeous :) I love your hair. Have a great time on your HM!
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    i totally stalked the pictures you were tagged in on FB. you look SO beautiful! i love the flower peeking underneath your veil.
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    love the pics! your day looks gorgeous! can't wait to see what kate has to show us. :)
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