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First dress fitting

My first dress fitting is this Saturday and I haven't seen the dress in a year, I am so nervous that I won't even love it anymore. I am going crazy trying to google the dress to see if I see anyone else wearing it so I can remind myself. And then what should I take with me to the dress fitting?

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    I'm sure you'll still lover it! Don't worry. Take your wedding day undergarments and shoes.
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    [QUOTE]I'm sure you'll still lover it! Don't worry. <strong>Take your wedding day undergarments and shoes.
    </strong>Posted by missrekaeagle[/QUOTE]

    Agreed. You can also take your veil if you're wearing one.
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    Oh and piece of advise which I got from my sister in law. Wear bike shorts or something. The lady who helped me on Saturday during my second fitting said she was VERY GRATEFUL that I didn't go bare or wear just a thong and ask for assistance. Depending on how your dress looks, may need help with your undergarmet. :)
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    I would say at least the undergarments that you plan to wear under the dress, this will help with getting an accurate fitting. Other than that.....CONGRATS!!!
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