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$$ woes... sigh :(

  Okay I was expecting my student loans to come in last month. That would have took a little weight off of me as far as transportation, books, supplies, and matienence goes because hubby is still out of work right now. Welp, I can't get it right now b/c of some kind of funding issue.
  Then I was going to work summer school at my school, but again they dont have enough funding, so that doesn't look like that is going to happen. I was banking on the summer school gig though b/c that was going to be wedding money. Now things are going to be that much more difficult.
  I am stressed, but not that much. I know God will provide and that he will take care of everything... I am just wondering how... I should know better though b/c there is nothing that God can't do!
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Re: $$ woes... sigh :(

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    Don't pray and worry... He will work it out. :-)
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  • fstallworthfstallworth member
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    You're right, God will provide. My fiance and I faced similar issues (different situation) . You could look into trying to get a private loan. A friend of mine did that. Just a thought. I don't see when your wedding is, you may have time to save a little for it, or just postpone it.
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    It will all work out.....My GOD is awesome and a provider!!!
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    He will make a way!

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    Have you tried contacting Sallie Mae for a signature loan??  If I can get one I know ANYONE can. LOL.  Trust God and like everyone else said DO NOT WORRY. 

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    I completely understand where you are coming from. My FI just lost his job this week and I have to quit my full time job in August to attend grad school and will be hanging on to my part-time possibly. We just have to believe that God has a plan and he will make a way. He knew before we did that we would be in these situations and has already provided a way of escape we just don't know when it will be but he knows and it's prepared. Waiting for our testimonies of how God has provided!!

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    You sound like a strong young lady Desi.  Satan wants you to worry but remember this quote, and you just know he will provide.
    Then Jesus said to him, "Go away, Satan! Because it is written, 'You must worship the Lord your God .... when our wants are ever so pressing: in some way or other the Lord will provide.
  • amberlynnedamberlynned member
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    Awww. Girl we're going through it over here too... but like you said, God always comes through! 

    Hang in there :)
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    I had a similar mindset about this summer&thewedding money, but like the other knottie sistas said, GOD will make a way just hang in there and trust in him. Try looking for a temp job through an agency like Kelly services etc. They always have temp jobs offered.
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    Worries and doubt have no place with your prayers!!  God will provide; I have seen it over and over and over again in my life and many others!  Waiting for your testimony!

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    Agreed all th way...God will make a way for the two of you.
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    Claim it DONE!!!!
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