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I Am About to Lose My Mind....VENT

Ladies please tell me I'm over reacting and Im going crazy for nothing. I am so highly upset and I'm in tears over here.

My wonderful dress that I got for my e-pics is still not here! 2 weeks ago, I ordered the dress and it was big, so I tired to take it to be altered and nobody would touch the dress because it is pleated at from the waist to the bottom.

So I ordered the dress in a smaller size last Sunday and it is still not here. It was in stock and it should have been here on Friday. I am so upset because I have nothing to wear for this shoot on Saturday. I went to NYC over the weekend to find a back-up dress, just in case but I found NOTHING. I spent all day looking, and all I got was sick :-(

I called JCPenny and they said it should be here on Wednesday. What?!?! Are you kidding me? If the dress does not fit, then what? I am really upset. I am under a lot of stress, and this is not helping at all.

I just needed to vent, because right now I know of nothing else to do.
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Re: I Am About to Lose My Mind....VENT

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    Just breath. It will be ok. The dress will arrive on time and it'll fit! Smile Just think positive. Everything will work out.
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    Agree with Ty!

    Everything will be okay. My favorite quote is "Some of the worst things in my life never even happened" - Mark Twain

    1 - Your dress could show up on time and a perfect fit.
    2 - The most important part of your E-pics is showing the love you and FI have for one another. Not what you're wearing. The most beautiful pics I've seen, the couple had on jeans and matching tops.

    No matter what, you will be beautiful!
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    Thank you ladies. This is why I love this board.....

    I'm trying to be calm. I just went to FI crying, and he's like who did it, what happened? I told him about the dress and he said that we still have time to find another one, but I shouldn't worry cuz the dress is going to fit anyways.

    Ugghhh, I hate feeling like this. Stress is a mother and I swear it can be the little things that set me off and so here I am a mess from this.....
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    It'll all work out. I would just keep looking for a back-up dress in the stores & go to different stores. I had the same issue when I was looking for my e-session dress. I found nothing til the day before & I shopped for weeks. Hope your dress comes though! 
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