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Back and married!!! PIP

Wow, the whole thing is kind of crazy, I still can't believe we're married. All in all we had a FABULOUS time.

Don't let anyone tell you that people won't have a good time or that they'll leave early if there is no dancing. Of the 50ppl that were there, we only went through 6bottles of wine (no other alcohol) and people started leaving right at the scheduled end time (5pm - start time was 2pm, food was an appetizer buffet).

Food advice: Have your venue make you a to go box of your meal, as well as put away a slice or two of cake. DH and I both took 5min to shove down a quick plate of food, and it was really good, but once everything was over and we were back in the hotel room, we were really hungry and ended up ordering buffalo wings from room service. We also got the smallest llayer of cake to take home, but otherwise didn't get ANY (other than a tiny piece after the initial cutting).

We could not have asked for better weather. It was insane. It was about 80 degrees in Malibu this weekend. Sky was clear, water was blue, and I'm soooo glad we decided to get married on the beach.

Some non-pro pics, shot by my bestest friend in the whole world (my cousin). Of all the pics I've seen, she's got some of my favorite ones so far. I want her camera! She also made my bouquet...those are fake flowers.

~I believe they get bigger if you click them~

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Yum, cake!
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