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Monday Madness

Happy (Or Not So Happy) Monday Ladies!

Do you have any checks that you would like to get out of the way this week?

Are there any special projects that you worked on this everning but didnt quite finish?

Do you have the Monday blues?

I feel like it is the same story for me every week. I am blessed to have a job BUT at the same time, there is just too much BULL SH*T and drama going on and my most annoying coworker is brining the morale of the entire office down.

I really had the urge to knock her in the mouth one good time for some reason.

I am praying that this gets better...I just wish she would QUIT to be quite honest...

She has backstabbed us all and she wonders WHY none of us want to deal with her...

Checklist For Monday
Cell Phone...CHECK
Wedding Binder...CHECK

Without these few things, I would find it EXTREMELY difficult to make it through work each day.
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Re: Monday Madness

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    I want to find and book a venue this week and find a new obgyn because my old one is an hour away.
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    cincy2011cincy2011 member
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    I want to finish this Econ exam before it's due at 4:30pm.  Luckily I don't have any meetings this morning, so I should be able to get it done.  WHY I wanted until the last minute, I don't know!  Ugh!  
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    I want to find my motivation again. This last few weeks have been a struggle and I'm losing the fun in wedding planning. I want it to be fun again and it's feeling like a will get better I guess :)

     I would like to finish rubberstamping my favors and selecting our songs for our CD favors.

    NWR: get through this work week!
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    Monday Madness- I went bridezilla yesterday, I picked up my dress from FSIL, and my veil wasnt in my dress bag, it made me completely sick to my stomach, because I knew it was there when I left the salon, needless to say, I took my dress out the bag, and vigorously went through the crinoline and found it. Thank you Lord. Because I was going OFF.

    This weekend me and my bff did my invites, affixing clear address labels, writing RSVP guest count  and names on card, and stuffing envelopes, those things are ready to be mailed on saturday, then the RSVP anxiety will begin. 

    I recieved fg dresses in from and they are so adorable. Highly rec them!!!

    I wish they would stop tripping and bring back the overtime at work, I need it!!!
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    prncszprncsz member
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    Ready for this week to be over I have finals. As far as wedding planning goes. I picked out the dress I wanted waiting on a call from the bridal shop to tell me what the cost will be to change the top of one dress I liked to put on another dress that I liked the bottom of. Reschedule my appointment with photographer and book the wedding coordinator. Not really feeling this thing called work today but want that paycheck soooo.....have to do it.
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    Dollbaby357Dollbaby357 member
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    I had a happy monday, got the kids off to school, relaxed at home, ate something healthy, had a much needed discussion with a friend who is pushing the limit with uninvited guests she has teens (17 and 16) and lives 45 minutes from the wedding location and wants to bring her kids along, which I do not mind, but would rather she not.  As rude as it may be we did not include children in our wedding plans so you bring them you pay for them in advance or they get removed from the head count was pretty much the message of the day call it bridezilla-ish but come on now your kids are home any other time why not the night of my wedding.  The only children that will be there are my sisters kids who are family and our own.  

    Other than that went to the movies, than the mall and made it home in time to pick up the kids from the school bus, now if only I can focus enough to get some school work done today :-)

    went over details with one of my very dear and oldest friends about speaking at our wedding and doing the blessing for dinner.

    Oh yeah I consulted with a makeup artist about the wedding day look

    tmrw I need to submit the list of guest and entree options to have printed on the menus, send our wedding details checklist off to the hotel, and schedule a few meeting to get our program details settled.
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