Found Tree Skirts!!!

I went to Target today and found tree skirts! For $4.99! And they had 5! They aren't as cute as the ones I posted, just red felt with a scallop edge. But they do the job and they're cheap and simple. I'm just glad that's over with.

I also:

  • found hangers for my dress and my BM's dresses
  • got tree stands for $13 and shipped to my local ace for free
  • got my spray tan (looks pretty good so far)
  • making 2 pumpkin cheesecake pies (anyone want the recipe, let me know...delish!)

Re: Found Tree Skirts!!!

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    i want the recipe!!!!!!!!!!! that sounds so delicious!
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    oh yeah, good job on all the checks. you are just doing SOO freaking much! everything will be done in NO time!
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    Its a trap! Ask the hamsters... seriously how will we fit into our dresses by exchanging cheesecake recipes? Don't send it to me PLEASE!!
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    Congrats - You have done alot the last few days!
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    Wow, as Therickson said, you've been REALLY productive this week!
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    Glad you found them! I was thinking about going to IKEA tomorrow night instead and then was like, oh no I can't because that girl from the Knot might need tree skirts on Saturday lol. Anyway, I'm sure the Target ones will be fine.

    Are the hangers decorative ones? Just to hang them for pictures or what? Now I'm thinking that maybe I overlooked that since I will need something to hang my dress with for pics.
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    You can always add some embelishments if you really want to. YAY!
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    Awesome checks!

    Jody - too funny! I was in Portland over the holiday and just catchng up now. I was at the fabric store on Black Friday and they had fleece on sale for $2.99 a yard and I thought, "Darn! I don't have a fancy phone to Knot from! I need to lett that Knottie know about the sale price!" LOL. :D So glad I'm not the only one who does stuff like that!

    As for hangers - are you still doing the red & blue? You could find a cheapo wood hanger and paint it blue and then tie some red ribbon around the metal hangie part for your dress. That would look cute.
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    It's red & purple. :) No worries. I was wondering what to do with those hangers. Painting them one of the colors and add ribbon of the other color sounds like it might work. I'll have to think about it.

    I've noticed that the closer to the wedding it gets, the less I care about little crap like this. I was going to add ribbon to my silverware baskets, etc, but decided that I'll probably be the only one that notices so why stress about it?
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