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***UPDATE*** House vs Wedding

Ok, after talking with FI, prayer and my advice from my Sissy's....we have decided to go into mortgage preapproval first, you know just to see where we are and if buying a house is something we can even accommodate right now financially.

My deacon would be willing to build us whatever would fit into our budget I'm sure of it if we got to that point.

FI said we would make it work either way, he just wants me to be happy (love him to death!). If we ARE able to move forward with the house, we would scale back a bit on the wedding, like cutting out some apps and cutting the open bar budget. Also, scaling the list down like maybe 20 people (our max is 120 including WP)

The bottom line is: I don't want to regret what I wanted in our wedding. When I started planning this wedding, destination wedding NEVER came to my mind and I don't wanna do something I don't want to for the sake of saving money, especially when the destinations I considered weren't that far off from what i have going now cost wise! I'm pretty savvy with finding deals and inexpensive items. Hell, if all else fails, my mom is an awesome flower arranger. She can't contribute much to my wedding financial wise and would love to do my flowers, However, she has only worked with silk flowers and I don't prefer those. She and my aunt ( who is super awesome with decor) will be doing my tablescapes though!

I will be meeting with my financial planner on friday to get the process moving. I have all my documents printed and ready( tax returns, bank staments, etc...). He didnt even tell me to bring all that, but something told me to do it anyway...hmmmmm

Please keep us in prayer y'all, we need it. Love y'all!!!!!!
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Re: ***UPDATE*** House vs Wedding

  • WELL GOOD LUCK LOVE!! Prayer and proper planning is the best way to go!! I will be praying for you all!!
  • Yay Sam!!!! That's so exciting. Praying for you guys. 
  • I think this is awesome. You will be able to do it scaled back... it already sounds like you're smart with $$$. 
  • Good luck! I think it's a smart move. I also agree with a previous poster on a diff post about your house situation. You'll be eligible for more programs "single" than married. especially if you got kid(s). so take advantage of that now. And if a destination wedding was never in your heart, then don't do it. You can still have a beautiful wedding on the cheap. We're in the same boat. In the middle of house hunting, kid needs braces, wedding. We doing ours for under 5k. If you need any tips or if you wanna kick some ideas around i'm here.
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  • Good Luck!!!
    You are headed in the right direction. FI and I have started with the preapproval step also. We won't be reading to buy for another 2 years or so but we want to be ready when the time goes.
    Thanks for the update :)
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