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Too many pictures or go for it

We have a large wall in the reception ballroom that can display slideshow presentations. I wanted to do one of me growing up during the father/daughter dance and then one of him during the mother/son. I think I saw that on a daily gorgeous wedding post! Well then FMIL and FFIL mentioned they went to a wedding and as guests were being seated from cocktail hour and then again after dinner a slide show of the couple played. Just kind of in the background but their pictures of vacations and things over the years. Sure I like that too. Then...the entrance we want to do is like an NBA starting line up type of intro. So I thought it would be cool as we announce each bridal party member to have a picture of them with one of us. They are all family except my bff of 10+ years so either way we would have all these young silly/embarrassing pictures.

Is that doing too many pictures? FFIL is the slideshow guru so he's doing them all and it's not a burden to him. Do you think the guests will enjoy it or is it too much? I would enjoy it but that's obviously because it's my idea! LOL

Re: Too many pictures or go for it

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