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4 months to go and NO MOM!!!

Its been blood pressure RISING! My mom has been so ugly towards me since I asked my fiance to marry me! I wish she could be happy for me, she has threatened to take my daughter from me, put her hands on me, and even worse, I love my mom but Im so tired of fighting her for my happiness. Levi is wonderful she had everyone thinking bad things of him when no one even knew him, but now that they got to meet him they love him! YET SHE HATES HIM I dont understand!!

Re: 4 months to go and NO MOM!!!

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    Congrats on your engagement. I'm sorry you have to deal with this dilemma at such a happy time in your life. Mothers can be funny that way when they think their losing their baby. I know what she is doing is over the top but it may be her way of expressing herself and not dealing with you "growing up" and moving on in life. She probably doesn't hate just deflecting her feelings on him. No, it's not right!! Every parent handles situations differently in your case she prefers to be negative.
    First, take a deep breathe, then PRAY,  avoid mom for a few days (if possible)and and get yourself ready to deal with her. Then sit her down & tell talk to her, she may resist at first, but be persistent and stay calm. In the end she may just express feelings of losing a daughter. If that doesn't work, keep praying about it and just avoid talking to her about FI or wedding stuff until she comes around, which I know she will if everything going on just happened due to the engagemnet. Mom loves you she just may need time to adjust.  Will ask that peace comes to you & your mom in my prayers.
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    Girl, just pray that your mom comes around and don't let her discontent ruin your happiness.  Though we want our family to be in our lives, sometimes we can't allow it because they can be toxic. 
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