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It's crunch time!

I really have to stop procrastinating and get my butt in gear! I want to lose 10-15 pounds for the big day and time has slipped away from me and I only have 4 months left. I know that is plenty of time to lose the amount I want to lose but I have to stay motivated. My mom said, " If you cant get motivated for the biggest day in your life, you can't be motivated!" I would have to agree with her. So I am going to buckle down, eat right, exercise consistently and try to stay focused. Wish me luck ladies!

Re: It's crunch time!

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    You can do it!!!! Peanut and I belive in you Laughing
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    Awww, thanks Peanut!
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    luckyinloveazluckyinloveaz member
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    You got this girl!! Your gonna look simply FABULOUS on your big day

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    Lot of luck !!! You will get there.
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    You can do it girl!! Good luck!
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    Good luck!!! You have it good! I need to lose at least 70lbs!
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    A few words of advice from someone who seriously struggles with staying on a healthy eating/working out routine!  :) 

    Tell other people in your life as well about your weight goal so they keep you accountable!  Ask them to check in with you every week or two so you have a little external pressure to get it done.

    Also, force yourself to make exercise a part of your daily/weekly routine.  I would try to work out at the same general times so you don't just go whenever.  B/c I know when I don't have a set workout schedule, that's when I tend to fall off.

    Remember even more than exercise, changing your eating habits is what really helps you lose weight.  The little things make a difference - try to only drink water (no juice or soda), eat less bread/pasta/rice and more fruits/veggies.  That 10-15 lbs will definitely be gone in 4 months - good luck!  
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    Yup Cincy hit the nail on the head!!

    You can do it girl..that 15 lbs will be off before you know it!
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