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Random wedding talk :-)

So I called David's Bridal yesterday, because I don't think I like my dress anymore :-( they said that I can exchange it whenever, up until my wedding day. So I said GREAT :-). Then I ask about my girls' dresses (mind you only 1/6 has a dress) & they said "you need to tell your girls to get with it, it could take 6-12 weeks for dresses to come & you only have 13 weeks......13 WEEKS!! WOW So I call up all my girls & they finally all agreed that they need to get their stuff together & order their dress, so everyone promised me to have their dress ordered before mid January, still pushin it but ok.

Invitations, invitations, invitations Laughing! So I ordered my invitations yesterday (I LOVE VISTAPRINT). It says they should be here by 12/30 which is cool, because I will still have time to address them & get them in the mail by 01/03. I've been hesitant to order them for some reason, but now it's kinda like "okay this is REALLY about to happen"!

All my deposits are PAID & all of my DIY projects are done except:
* putting J tags on my silverware
* map for the invitations
* filling favor boxes
* programs

Needless to say I'm ready for Christmas & Valentine's Day to past! BRING ON 03/19/11!
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