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Signing Off for a few..

but will be peeking in from time to time. Although our renewal is over a year away a few of you ladies have helped us tremendously with our vow renewal planning. So I'm going to give you all of the final details of our wedding, because nursing school is about to have me MIA for a good minute. This is privileged info not even the WP or mothers knows all it entails. My Sister knows the theme and thats all she's getting, plus she's my right hand with all the planning so she needed to know. Our guest is 90% family...Because I planned a family reunion guest list for the reception, but was clueless until last week about the rest of the reception. As I dusted off our gazillion DVD's everything just clicked. So I took the idea to the Jtribe (thats what we dubbed ourselves) and eveybody was on board which was actually shocking since most of my other ideas were shot down. Tell me what you think and suggestions are welcome.

Table numbers--we will reenact snapshots of some of our favorite movies.
Theme--Family time: Dinner & a movie
Cocktail hour --The pink carpet (with paparazzi taking pics, formal pic for our album, and a movie ticket as escort card) with wine, juice,fruit & cheese trays
1st dance--- will be the last dance in "Dirty Dancing" with our own little spin on it
Mother/son/daughter dance---simple our Mom's are stuffy
WP dance--Lil Sis is cooking up something
Festivities---cutting cake, toasting, etc.
Dinner---Seated; Chinese what we have every time we do dinner & movie as a family 
Movie---Concession stand opens with favorite movie treats, popcorn with flavored toppings & can soda all in a movie snack tray (haven't figured out if staff will serve treats or pay for an extra hour so everyone can get their own />>>I choose the latter). Then our upbeat funny home made movie with a fictious preview on how we met will be 30 mins or less.
Watch sets- instead of tossing bouquet & garter; the longest married and shortest married couple will get these with a few, very few words of encouragement & thank you for positive marriage role models from us . It's our way of saying marriage is a powerful, loving, beautiful and rewarding force if you both put in the time.
Party---Dress change; club scene dance " Save the Last Dance " that cuts into MJB Dance for Me with the DJ urging guest to join us.
Bar opens-4 signature drinks, beer & wine

So Far we're under budget and I have a more than a year to learn how to dance....I can't dance, either my feet move & body don't or vice

Thank you Ladies Of AAW, for your kinds words, suggestions and opinions. I have been to other boards and some of those ladies are down right mean. So I sign off with "You Are Appreciated"!!!! 

Re: Signing Off for a few..

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    M1ssJM1ssJ member
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    Thats sounds like fun! Its also kind of sounds like a lot of choreography to learn while you're in nursing school. Be sure to get a video of that for us lol!
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    tyboydtyboyd member
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    I LOVE IT!!! Good luck with nursing school!!! Don't forget about us!
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    sadou02sadou02 member
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    Wishing you much sucess of your nursing school journey.  Your ideas sound great and its nice that you have all this planned so far out.  Ill pray for success in everything and we'll be here when you return.
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    Sounds great!!!! I hope all goes well with nursing school!!!

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    Sounds very entertaining!!

    Good luck with nursing school! Check back in when you get a chance.
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    I Love your ideas!! Good luck with nursing school.
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    lsk40lsk40 member
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    Good luck study study study ! I am a nursing student also so I understand the need for a break
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    happe2getherhappe2gether member
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    Good luck!! I SO feel you on the nursing school tip!! It has me on lock down too.  IDK what I was thinking when we decided to plan a wedding while I'm in school like that (LOL).  But seriously good luck with school, take care and I look forward to hearing about your graduation date and your wedding!
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