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What Are You Doing This Weekend?

Hey y'all!  This post is a little late, but better late than never.  ;)

Not much.  I'm a bit tired after dealing with that whole invitation fiasco.  The only thing I plan on doing is my hair trial.  (Thanks YasJas for recommending the stylist)

Relax, watch my shows, and maybe go to the Civil Rights Museum.  FI and I keep saying we're going to go, but still haven't.  Hopefully we'll get to go this weekend.

What are your WR and NWR plans this weekend?

Re: What Are You Doing This Weekend?

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    WR - Research and maybe trying to meet with my photographer about my e-pics.

    NWR - My friend wants me to go to a club with her tonight, but I'm not the clubbing type person, but I think I will have a nice cocktail if I go. Take my dog for a walk tomorrow and church Sunday.
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    WR: Nothing this weekend - have too many other things going on!  

    NWR: Having another open house, finishing my final project for my marketing class, studying for my economics test, working out (cardio kickboxing), have my carpets cleaned, go to church, organize thoughts for Monday's negotiation with (hopefully) new boss.
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    WR: Prepare for my upcoming trip next week to Arkansas to work on wedding related activites.  I finally get a chance to meet with the florist, cake person, caters, transportation, and last but not least meet with the our photographer.  So I am going to be quite busy this weekend finalizing inspirational ideas.  Pack and organize all the wedding items at the front door so I want leave anything.  Finally, make sure my luggage is packed with everything I need in there.

    NWR: Clean up, Hair appointment, trip to the mall, finally have a movie date with FI, watch the cavs playoff run at FI cousin's house, and try to rest!!!
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    Going oot for fbil couple shower aka bridal shower(per invitation)

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    Have another trial run on my makeup on tomorrow. I was not quite wow'd the first time, so she was so sweet to come back out to my home and try it again. The appointment is at 1pm. I hope it does not take all afternoon.

    Pick out a pair of shoes to go with my dress that I am wearing out the night before my wedding when I go out on the town with my family and bm's.

    Go to J C Penny to see if I can find a long slip to go under my reception dress. David's Bridal was too expensive.

    Put the BP thank you gift bags together.

    Burn the CD's for the cd favors and put the labels on them.
    thanks go FI I do not have to worry about putting candy into the favor boxes he did that already.

    And print out those menu cards and put the ribbon on them.

    Clean the house, wash clothes, cut and wash my dog he smells funny, find a carpet cleaner so they can come clean the carpet before my friends and family start arriving on Wednesday.

    FI and I will probably get a couple of movies, somethng to drink and just have some us time.
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