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I just find it comical that out of the 54 invites I sent out, I have only received 14 back and my deadline is Wednesday. Mind you a sent a mass text last week to my close family/friends reminding them to send them in.  What is so hard about sticking a card in the mail that postage is already paid for. So annoying.   But on a nicer note, I finally was able to find a seamstress for my runners that should have been done by someone else 4 months ago, Both Fi and my shoes (decided to change mine) have been ordered, making my unity candle today and drink stirs are complete.

Re: Comical

  • Great checks. I really don't understand folks with their RSVP's.
  • Great Checks! Girl, those RSVPs are a fool.  I take pleasure in stalking the mailman and the mailbox. I received today!!! The mailman puts them nicely all together for me seperate from other mail. So, I left the him a Thank you note the other day telling him how much I appreciate him for getting my RSVPs to me LOL! it made him feel good.
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  • Aww thats cute!! Well my mail people don't get one from me. They had lost have my STD I had to end up going to a post office in another area just to guarntee that my invites made it. My post office sux. But I know they didn't lose my rsvp, the people that I invited just didn't send it. Lol
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