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What is your dream job and why?

If you could do any job..what would it be? Or, are you already in your dream position at your dream job?

To answer my own question: My dream job is to be a healthcare executive at a hospital. I've always wanted to do good things in the healthcare field so that it is more affordable and more cost effective. Being only 23, I have a while to go before I can get to that level, but I know one day it will happen. First, I have to go to grad school. I like my new job (I was promoted last week) but im so ready to get out of health insurance and move into the hospital/provider side.


Re: What is your dream job and why?

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    My dream job would be to be a lawyer for a large corporation. I have always wanted to be a lawyer since I was a little girl my mom said while the other kids were playing hide and seek I was playing court room.

    I still have to go to law school. I applied and got into 3 different ones but I just can not afford it at this point in time but I have not given up on my dream and I know I will make it there one day.
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    My dream job would be a teacher, and by the grace of God I WILL be teaching this coming school year (in the name of Jesus).  I am curently finishing my Masters of Arts in Teaching for Special Education.  I haven't always liked children being that I am the oldest of 10 children and ALWAYS got stuck babysitting somebody.  But as I grew older I began to recognize my calling/ purpose and I paid attention to how much I impacted the lives of children around me, and how much fun we had together.  I always volunteered in ways to help children (tuturing, mentoring, and youth ministry).  I recently just got accepted into the teaching pool, which is how principals can review you for interviews, so keep me in your prayers for a teaching job this coming fall.  Currently, I work for the state of TN with elderly and disabled adults.
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    RN specializing in cardiology. Im currently a Medical Assistant working for a cardiologist and I have learned SO MUCH. I cant wait to get into somebodys program. I absolutely love what I do and love helping people.
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    I would Have to say being an Author, and Children's Boutique owner. I can write my buns off. Actually last year i released my first Novel, But due to issues with the company and owner i was unable to sale it . ( God always have a ram in the bush). Now i am currently editing my portion to the book making it sizzling for the summer!!
    I have five children and I enjoy dressing my kid's in the best with out breaking the bank to doit. I shop everywhere!! I just had this vision one day of owning my own kid's store having cute clothes. Oh did i mention maybe we can get back to dressing our lil girls like their lil girls!! LOL

    These are my dreams jobs in the process!!
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