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My apologizes if this question has been asked OVER and OVER again but y'all know I'm slow sometimes with getting onto the AAW board regularly so if you could, please provide me with your garter & bouquet toss songs.



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    Our bouquet toss was "Beautiful Girls" by B.o.B. and our garter toss was the clean version of "International Player's Anthem" by U.G.K.  I was a little worried about how that would go over with some of our guests, but it was fine.  The garter toss song is kind of an inside joke between me and DH, we sing it to each other all the time.
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    "Single Ladies"/Beyonce-   Bouquet Toss
    "Kiss"/Prince-                      Garter Removal
    "Who Let The Dogs Out"-    Garter Toss
    "Bad Boys"/Theme to Cops

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    Garter Removal and Toss: Candy by Cameo
    Bouqet Toss: Single Ladies (while we call them up)
                           Maneater by Nelly during the toss
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    Bouquet Toss Ideas

    Girl Fight-Brooke Valentine, Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend-Marilyn Monroe, Ladie's Night-Cool and The Gang, Hit me with your best shot-Pat Benatar

    Garter Toss ideas

    Another One Bites the Dust-Queen, Bad Boy for Life-P-Diddy
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    Bouquet toss: Independent Ladies by Destiny's Child

    Garter toss: Whatta Man by Salt-N-Pepa
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    Bouquet Toss- Independent *itches by Candi Redd. The Clean version I guess. LOL. I might choose another to go with this one for the actually Toss.

    Garter Toss- I want to do a freak mix. Ive been thinking about Sex Room for when he goes under the dress. I have to think of  a few more songs.

    Thats why I'm having  an Adult Only Reception cause this finna be a mess. LMAO!!

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    We went to a wedding and they did Freak Me by Silk for the applying of the garter to the lucky winners.

    We weren't going to do one, but here were my suggestions:
    Garter Removal/Toss - Sex Therapy by Robin Thicke, Sex Room by Ludacris, or Ego by Beyonce
    Bouquet Toss - Single Ladies by Beyonce

    For some reason, The Thong Song by Sisqo is sticking out in my mind.
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