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I was doing so well with the sleeping thing and then the insomnia came back tonight/this morning.  I was actually talking to co-worker of mine earlier and then later my FI about how I have been sleeping so well lately, and I hope that I don't jinx myself, and sure enough...I did.  LOL I have been trying the things that were suggested to me by the ladies on this board and they were really working for a while.  My issue is trying to sleep through the night.  I usually can fall asleep with no problem, I just wake up in the middle of the night.  I try to lay in bed hoping to fall asleep, but it doesn't work.  I usually just lay in bed and worry and stress over something.  Do you have problems falling asleep or staying asleep?  If you have problems staying asleep, what do you do to help you go back to sleep?

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    sorry to hear that. So what changed? You got to think about that...

    I do have problem falling asleep and staying asleep. I do the few things I suggested and they work, but I am too lazy to do them all the time.
    My body is used to 4 hours of sleep so I guess I can get away with that mess.

    Going back to sleep when i wake up in the middle of the night is the hardest. I so wish I could record the crazy things that are going through my head during that time. LOL. I think one of the problems is that as soon as i wake up, i tell myself i surely won't go back to sleep now. And I just lay there annoyed thinking about all sorts of things. But usually if i stop obsessing and either I pray, I fall asleep somewhere during that prayer (oh, I am such a bad Christian!) or I put on the easy listening playlist on my ipod in a very low volume and in the morning I don't know which song put me to sleep

    I have to admit I sleep better when FI is around because he forces me to go to bed early and helps keep me in bed when I wake up and start whining. But usually, when he is around, unless we had a fight, I sleep 7 hours straight (never happen since high school many years ago)

    Maybe it's the special exercise before bed. :wink::

    I know I listed this in the past:
    The most important thing is to not think too much about it. Easier said than done I know. Try not to think too much about the sleep things
    Ditto all the problems of the day. Don't bring them to bed
    Also consistency is key- go to sleep at the same time every night until your body is used to it
    Take showers before you go to bed
    No eating within 2 or 3 hours of bedtime
    If you wake up, don't panic, try different things and see what works for you
    Put the FI to work, if you know what I mean. LOL

    I decided a while ago that I won't take any pills for this, but that's another option out there for you to consider

    I know this is a lot of rambling but i hope it helps somehow....

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