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A tiered wedding?

Has anyone ever been to seen a tiered wedding?  I am having an afternoon wedding and originally I thought it was a great idea for us.  Now, I worry that it may not be as nice for guests, particularly my oot guests who will have nothing to do the rest of the day.  I am wondering should I rent out a bar oor something for that night for those who would like to party???? A little background info, all of our family events are always week long things.  So most of my family will get here on Wednesday for the wedding and we therefore, have events every day/night for them.  It is just normal for us, but I kind of want to spend my wedding night alone with my hubby, you know?

Re: A tiered wedding?

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    island07b2bisland07b2b member
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    It is expected that you want to spend the night alone with your hubby. What is your FH saying on this issue?  I probably would give the OOT guests a list of places to go/see but I am not sure I would rent out a bar for them.  It sounds like you are already doing a lot during that week in addition to the wedding.  They will be fine.

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    I too think they will be fine! SPend the night with your hubbs!!!
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    I agree with pp. Give out a list of bars/clubs that are in the area for those who want to continue the party. FI and I attended one of his friends wedding about two years go and after the reception (Wedding was in new orleans) a group of us and some of the wedding party wanted to continue the party so we got together and went out to Burbon Street. The newly weds went off to spend the remainder of their evening together.
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    Agreed with everyone else. If they can't figure out that you'll be busy that night ...
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    Your guests will be fine. My wedding will be done at 4:30 and then "meet me at the hotel, motel, Holiday Inn!" LOL!!!!
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