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Ok so I'm about to rip my tracks out my head! That's how frustrated I am!! First of all my laptop crashed on me and all my wedding files are on my computer! Luckly for me I saved everything on my jump drive, as well as on my computer. So when it crashed I was semi ok because I still had everything. Soooo tell me why today I get to my desk and look in my wedding tote bag and everything is in there except for my jump drive!!!! I remember putting it in my bag on Friday and I didn't use it at all this it should still be in my bag but it's not!! Cry I've looked my purse, in my car, in my desk, I even made FI go home from work to look for it!! EVERYTHING is on that jump drive, including the programs that I've worked soooo hard on and my final exam project for my master's program that is due TODAY! I'm so beyond frustrated! Ladies please pray that I find it because if not I'll fail my LAST class in my master's program AND all my wedding stuff will be lost with only 26 days to go until the wedding! AHHHHHH!!!
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