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those with divorced parents wdyd??????

For those of you with divorced parents how did you deal with seating
arrangements at your wedding and reception? Both my parents are
bringing dates. Do they get to sit in the front row or do they sit
elsewhere? Also who would escort my mom down the aisle?
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Re: those with divorced parents wdyd??????

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    It is acceptable to sit both sets of parents in the front row.  For the reception, you can sit them at different tables. It is also accepteble for your mom's SO to walk her down the aisle if you do not have another person that is serving in the capacity of Usher. 

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    My parents are divorced and don't speak to each other but I made it CRYSTAL CLEAR they both better be on thier best behavior on my wedding day.  Both are remarried too.  Both of my parents are walking me down the aisle and both will sit on the front row on my side.  At the reception they will be at different tables but we are having a sweet heart table so where they sit won't much matter.  As long as both table are close to the sweetheart table they will be fine.  The most important thing is to talk to both parent BEFORE the big day.  Explain to them how important it is for you to have both of them there and that you don't want any drama.  Your mother can be escorted to her seat by an usher or even her date.
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    thats just it my parents are divorced but are VERY amicable with each other lol....when my dad visits she lets him stay at her house and vice dad is walking me down the aisle my mom is bringing her on again off again so and my dad is bringing some random 35 y/o he is casually dating ( i'm just glad she's older than me this time!!) anyways i was wondering how do i sit them on the day of....i may just sit them and their dates on the front row just to appease everyone.....smh......the reception is where i'm having my issue b/c we are having 8seats per table and we have 4 kids which will take up half the table ....FI's dad is paralyzed on 1 side so he has his cna and her husband in attendance with him so we are having a hard time trying to figure out the seating for the parents as his parents are also divorced and his mom is bringing her long time SO and his 2 kids and their 2 kids....
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    My mother & step mom get along VERY WELL & always have. So they all sat on the front row. My ushers escorted my mom & stepmom down the aisle (separately of course). At the reception, my mom sat with her siblings & my grandparents, and my father & stepmom sat with my dad's family.

    So it really depends if they get along. Also, for the reception, other family members invited, and # of seats to a table.
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    Hubby's parents are divorced and are still very close so it was very easy with me as far as seating arrangements. His mom and step mom and BEYOND tight. It was weird for me at first but they actually adore each other. His parents actually walked down the aisle together and we even sat down together.
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    My parents were never married but my mom is married and my dad has a girlfriend. My parents get along very well. At the wedding they will be sitting on the first row together. At the recption they are sitting at the same table. Both families are extremely small and fit at the one table. They were instructed to be on their best behavior. 
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    My divorced parents do not get along, and my mom hates my dad's wife (who was my dad's jump-off before my parent's divorced).. Tongue outSO, needless to say, this is something I've thought about a LOT. However, over the last few years, they have managed to co-exist for big occasions.

    In order to avoid any discord, our invites didn't include any names of parents. There will be no receiving line and parents will not be introduced at the reception.

    My mom will sit closest to the aisle in the first row with my brother-in law and nephews. My eldest nephew (15) will escort my mom in.
    My Dad will walk me down the aisle and then sit in the seat closest to the aisle in the second row.   His wife will sit next to him (diagonally behind my Mom) and my nieces will sit with them.

     My dad will sit with FIL's at rehearsal dinner. My Mom will sit with them at the reception.  Parents will sit at Different tables during the reception.

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