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Opinions...Need to Vent...

Hello ladies...

So I think I have officially gone crazy!

I know that once you book a venue you probably shouldnt look BUT I got a brochure for a venue that I never paid attention to.

Anyway, I called and they had no availablity. I talked to FI and he expressed to me that he wanted to still see what was out there. I told him the same thing but only because I really dont want a daytime wedding...although 10/10/10 is on a Sunday, I still want an evening wedding.

So in browsing online, I found a place about 30 miles away that has the SAME thing for less...AND you get more. It is like a 6K difference and it includes the DJ and photographer...and it is STILL cheaper...I couldnt believe it.

Of course I have to see if my date is available but that really upsets me.

Worst case scenario, we would lose $1000...and thats not always the case...we may end up with a full refund.

I also feel like the guy over where we did book was really trying to get us to book like right away. He was telling us that since our date is a popular date, that he couldnt discount too much but he could throw in additionals. So why is it that I feel like I was worked into something NOT good?

Am I wrong for feeling this way?
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