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I'm Back! Super Duper Long with Pic Info In Post!

I’m Back!

Hello my lovelies now that I have gotten some rest and had some time to chill with my Husband I figured I should post my recap or I would get in trouble. LOL

The Friday before the wedding was a great day I didn’t have much to do but have my final fitting and check into the hotel where we would be getting ready. I met my mom and sister at the bridal boutique armed with my shoes, veil, earrings and everything else you could imagine to try on the dress. I walked in the room and I felt the biggest lump in my throat this was the first time I would see the entire package.  I stepped into the dress and I was so happy with the decision that I made to get that dress. My sister finally agreed it was the right choice and she got a lesson on how to corset me up. It took her 30 minutes but she had it down packed so I won’t complain. I came out of the dressing room and all the ladies that were in the salon stopped to look at me there was a round of applause and I felt like a STAR! Of course my Mom teared up and I know that I was in for it the next day.

When I went back into the fitting room I could hear familiar voices my Mother in law and 2 other bridesmaids had come in to pick up their dresses. Everyone was in a great mood and I was happy to see them. My mother in law kept her dress a secret from me the whole time (WTF who does that? But I digress) While changing some of the alterations to my sisters dress I saw the secret dress hanging up in the alterations room. She later came out in the dress saying she would show it to me since we were so close to the wedding it was an olive green mermaid dress completely rouched from top to bottom with flowers going down the front and the back with Swarovski crystals. Yes it was over the top but she liked it so it was whatever at that point.

My mom saw the dress and immediately thought that she should go out and buy something else to wear. I reassured her that I loved the dress she had and that it was appropriate to wear to a wedding and we left it at that.

Once I left the boutique I went home and packed my bag kissed my FI goodbye and told him I would see him at the altar.

Checked into the hotel and everything was great. My sister and a few other bridesmaids that were staying the night starting coming. The stylist came (who was also a BM) and got started on a few people’s heads. We got some food and talked and laughed. I went to my separate room across the hall to go to bed around 10 but they were having none of that and after 20 minutes they came over and made me come back over where we laughed and joked some more. I even took a trip to Meijer and Taco Bell with Tyboyd and Pastor Babe. I finally went to bed at 3:30 not before I got a knock on the door. I looked at the peep hole and what do I see but some beautiful flowers from my sister. She is really the best and made me feel so special.

I woke up at 7 to run to panera to get the ladies some bagels while they were getting their makeup done. I got back and the first BM was there ready to go. We laughed and talked and then she got in the chair. The MUA worked it out she looked FAB. And there was no turning back from there. The MUA had 10 people to do in total including me and she brought an assistant so they were rocking and rolling. It was finally my time for me to get my make up done. I almost ran into FI in the stair case we stayed on separate floors and I decided to take the stairs everywhere I went so that I would not run into him I guess we had the same idea cause while walking with my mom she asked why I was talking the stairs and I was telling her when Renny pipes in and says it’s not working cause I am in the staircase LOL to that but luckily he got out before I saw him or he saw me.

The photographer came in the middle of me getting make up done. Started with pics of that then went to my room to take pics of my dress and accessories. Then he ditched me and went to FI and his guys. He got pics of them getting ready and even got pics of him with his surprise gift from me. With FI being so scatter brained he left my card and gift at home so I didn’t get mine until after the wedding which was fine because I loved my earrings all the same.

The guys left the hotel at 2 and then we were supposed to leave at 2:30 of course we were running late the girls didn’t end up leaving the hotel until 3:10 the wedding was supposed to start at 3. I HATE HATE HATE being late but since I didn’t have on a watch or have my cell phone I had no clue what time it was. When I got to the church everyone was there and ready to go. The ladies and I said a quick prayer and then they ran in to get with their escorts. I had a moment outside with my sister MOH and my BFF MOH they both had me about to cry but I didn’t. I saw my dad and my grandma (who jus the day before said she wasn’t gonna come because she had a cough and didn’t want to interrupt the ceremony WTH but that his a whole other story in itself).

After the GM parents, grandparents and bridal party walked in it was finally my turn. I heard Jennifer Hudson’s song start and I felt a rush through my body. All eyes were on me. Since the aisle was so small and I was a wearing a huge ball gown my mom walked me the first half of the way and then she handed me off to my day who walked me the rest of the way. They joined together at the altar together and both gave me away just like I wanted.

FI and his son were the only faces I saw walking down the aisle they both looked so handsome and I saw that tear rolling down FI’s face and I knew I had achieved the exact reaction I was looking for. We exchanged vows and put together the unity cross. Then the three of us jumped the broom and it was all over. We went to a secret room so that everyone could leave the church while we took pictures. Pictures went ok but with 20 people in your bridal party things got hectic when people started leaving to go to the party bus for food and drinks instead of taking pics but I got them all back on the good foot. After formal pictures were over we left and went to a different spot for more pics. Since there was a tigers game going on downtown we didn’t have time to go down there so we just stayed near the church and took some pictures. The GM wanted to hit the liquor store for more to drink and after we did that we headed to the reception.

Once we got to the reception the rest of the day just blew by. The bridal party entered to Bring em out by TI and then DH and I entered to Swagger like us from Jay Z and Kayne it was so just what I wanted. We immediately cut the cake and went to our seats. The room looked beautiful and I don’t think I would have done it better if I did it myself. The orange uplighting, the candy bar, the cake, the table linens and centerpieces were FAB. We went into toasts. The 2 MOH and the 2 Best Men did a great job especially DH’s best friend Duane who gave a very heartfelt toast that made DH tear up. My dad who refused to give a toast gave a very heartfelt one right before our father daughter dance that made me well up. We have been working on our relationship for a while now but he really came through for this wedding and I couldn’t have been happier.

After the dances we continued to mingle and had a great time. I didn’t eat a darn thing besides some salad and a spoon full of pasta all night long but I didn’t notice how hungry I was until it was over. The photobooth was a huge hit and so was the candy bar I swear people are still calling and texting about it.

It seriously was the best day ever. All the family came to support even DH’s brother that dropped out of the wedding the Tuesday before. WE decided to forego the hotel room the night of the wedding and just go home and sleep in our own bed which was the best decision we ever made. We talked for a minute and went right to sleep we were both exhausted.

We woke up Sunday (GOT IT ON AND POPPIN TMI but it was 9 weeks so we were past due) then went to pick up FI’s son from his parents house and take him home since his mom was tripping since she found out about the wedding. We had a few family members and out OOT guest over to the house and kicked it with some light refreshments and when they left we just relaxed.

Just found out we are going to Cancun to an all inclusive resort for the honeymoon on Thursday morning so now I get to pack for that. That is about it for now I didn’t want to leave you ladies hanging for too long. I uploaded the pics that my sister took with my camera to our shutterfly site so feel free to check them out when you have a second. It was really a great day and I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

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