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HEY LADIES !!!!! i'm officially a MRS !! let's start out with the good.
    The entire wedding party met at 8 am for breakfast. Once we finished breakfast we went to the ceremony location to do a final walk thru and go over the itinerary for the day. We started setting up the ceremony locatiuon after the meeting. We set everything up very quickly. Around 11 my makeup artist, photographer, and videographer arrived. All of the bm's was getting ready and everything was going smooth. The only hiccup was my make up artist forgetting she had to do my hair but someone gave her a some curlers and we was GOOD. Everyone was so suprised how calm i was. Everything was on time. My fi and i did a first look. We loved it.
    The ceremony was perfect. I  decided to DO personal vows because I wanted to see his sensitive side. I was surprised as hell when he started tearing up during his vows. 
 The reception was fun for the most part. My dj was playing some calm music in the beginning. He came to me and asked if he could crank it up. Once i gave him the ok the dance was packed.
My uninvited drug addicted brother's wife started to act a fool. She was grinding on every man in sight. smh. My sister went and said something to her and there was a brief argument. My brother kicked her out and the party continued.

Here's the UGLY. My cousin's phone went missing. I went to the dj and he made announcement. After about 20 minute and the phone was still missing. My cousin suspected my H's younger brother of stealing. I told her to go to H and tell him whats going on. My H found the phone in his brother's pocket. I went to the bathroom and all hell broke loose. H's brother tried to punch my uncle. H and his gm grabbed his brother and took him outside. While they were outside my brother's and cousins was trying to fight H's younger brother. I was pissed and cried for minute because I spent so much time planning my day and these fools are ruining it. It was a mess !!!!!
    I was so exhausted from crying, drinking and the lack of sleep. I wanted to end the reception early but my H refused. I'm glad we didnt because everyone went back to partying.
    The food and music was great1 Everyone raved about our wedding. Most of my family and friends was talking about having an anniversary party. My H was considering it until i shot down that idea. lol i have two complaints, the 45 mins of madness at the reception. it was crazy how it all went down so close to each other. The number of no shows !!!!! we had about 30 no shows.


  • 1st,  CONGRATS!!!

    Im glad for the beautiful parts, 
    30 no shows !!! CRAP!!!
    Glad the party ended well tho...

    o and CONGRATS!!!

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  • Well CONGRATS is definitely in order and im glad you did have a good part of your special day...and as for hubbys brother and the brothers wife grinding on ppl that was just sad sorry you had to go thru that i know you wanted to scream but thank God you got to marry your love and you can move on with the happily ever after...

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    Congrats on becoming a Mrs! I'm sorry for all the crazy stuff that happened but remember now you have a huuuuuuuusband and that's al that matters.

    Make sure you come back and post some pics.
  • Welcome back MRS!!!! I'm SO SORRY for all that mess that went down! HOW CRAZY! I'm glad in the end you had a wonderful day and are married!

    Who was that talking about sending a bill to the no-shows????? Seems fitting in this situation. how RUDE!!!! that's SO MUCH MONEY down the toilet!
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  • Hey Mrs!!! Thank you for coming back and giving us the recap. Congratulations. We all know too well, it's going to be a combo of those any given event. Glad it didn't ruin you and your husband's day entirely. I'm sure you were a beautiful bride! 

    Sickening for those No-shows...the nerve of them...Send them a bill! LOL! 

    Once again congratulations!

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  • Thank you for sharing your recap! Congrats on becoming a MRS!
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    Congrats on being married!

    I am so glad it ended up being nice and fun - whew!!

    30 no shows?!!!
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  • Wow What a day! But you are married!! Congrats!
  • 1st off Congrats on being a MRS. I was wondering when you were going to pop in !!

    I am so sorry that the fighting happen but glad it all ended well !! I want to see pics !!
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  • Congrats and glad everything ended well.......
  • In Response to

    [QUOTE]Congrats on becoming a Mrs! I'm sorry for all the crazy stuff that happened but remember now you have a huuuuuuuusband and that's al that matters. Make sure you come back and post some pics.
    Posted by 20pearls16[/QUOTE]

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    Congrats Mrs!!!!
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