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Got kidnapped today....and it was fun!

So today, I made plans to go over to one of bridesmaid's house to get my hair done. I'm in the beginning stages of transitioning to my natural hair & she's well into it so she was gonna style it and give me some pointers. I get there and she says we need to go get some shampoo from the store. I shoulda known sumthin was up cuz my honorary MOH was also there. We go out to the store and get the shampoo but back in the car, they didn't head back home. Instead they reveal that this is a kidnapping and they're takin me to another store. When we get there, they finally admit that they're doing an intervention & giving me a head-to-toe makeover. (Back story: I'm a jeans & sneakers girl. And after having my daughter, it became even more of a habit so makeup & accesories were basically low on my list). I go along with it cuz I trust them & hey, what girl doesn't love makeovers?? lol They had everythin all set up. They bought me a new outfit, new shoes, did my hair, did my nails & makeup. Even gave me makeup application 101 since I'm so lost on all that type of stuff. I had a great time just hangin wit gfs & FI was completely shocked & overjoyed when he saw the final result. So, today was an unexpectedly fun day. Love my bridesmaids <3

BEFORE: (Regular shirt, jeans, sneakers, no makeup, no accesories)


(Wish I had a full body pic. It's a dress with brown & gold sandals to match)
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Re: Got kidnapped today....and it was fun!

  • That's super sweet of them and you look great too!
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  • you looked great girl!!! YAYYY FOR YOUR BM'S

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  • Aww that was so sweet and you look beautiful
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  • Looking good! This is so sweet. I am thinking of doing the same thing for my niece, so hopefully she will be as postive and willing as you were. 
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  • That was just super sweet!
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  • Aww thats really sweet, you have great friends!
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  • That was very nice of them! You look good girl and I love the blue top.
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  • Awww.. That is so nice of them.. It's good to have girlfriends like that.. You look great..
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  • That is awesome! Kudos to them and you look great!
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  • Awww that is so cute!
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  • Aww that was so sweet! You look great!
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    Thats pretty cool! gotta love real friends you look beautiful
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  • Thanks everyone. Got so many compliments, I think I'll try to keep up the look. Plus, FI seems super happy. He keeps telling me though that he already loved the "old" me but he loves the "new" me even more (he better behave though, about 2 more months until he can act out his "emotions" lol). Thanks again, ladies.
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  • In Response to Re: Got kidnapped today....and it was fun!:
    [QUOTE]Looking good! This is so sweet. I am thinking of doing the same thing for my niece, so hopefully she will be as postive and willing as you were. 
    Posted by keyaira04[/QUOTE]

    Thank you. That's so nice of you, hopefully your niece will see it more as an opportunity to change for the better & not an insult. Give an update & post sum pics if you can.
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