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Cute Wedding Idea from Belgium

Yesderday I couple who lives in my FI's building got married. We were at the apartment when the couple and the wedding party returned to the apartment building. They used old school VW bugs as their transportation and one of them was the Love Bug. It was super cute. I took a couple pictures from the terrace.

btw the cute little green car parked is my FI's car.

There is the love bug. You can also see the bride and groom in the corner.

One thing they did that was cute was because there are 2 apartment buidlings that look alike they put white balloons on the path to my FI's buidling. In the Elevator there were more balloons. They live on the 2nd flood and so there were balloons in front of their door. It was a cute way to lead their guests to their place.
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