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Hello ladies...
here is my question and problem...How do you upload your pics on your bio??? I understand it says to use the url...however my pics are mainly knot pics and I can't seem to upload them to complete my bio.....any advice???

Re: Bio Pics

  • Vanessa AVanessa A member
    edited December 2011
    Hi KooKoo4Quincy,
    here's an easy way to get the URLs for knot pics and other pics. Bring up the pic you need the URL for; right click on the pic; click on "properties"; when the properties box is open, you see the URL; copy the entire URL code by highlighting and right clicking for copying; go back to your bio set up page and paste the URL.
    Hope that helps!! Good luck!!
  • KooKoo4QuincyKooKoo4Quincy member
    edited December 2011
    thanx Vanessa!
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