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Good me

Recieved two Rsvp's today..yay...our first...ready for the bad news???? During the hustle and bustle of putting all 150 invites together and handwriting the names/addresses..i forgot to number the rsvp cards..end result....drum roll...i dont know whos the two budgeting for all guest..just in case...teheee
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Re: Good me

  • That's exciting to have your first RSVP's. Ughhh that stinks you forgot about the numbers. It'll be alright.

  • Yay for getting RSVPs back! If you still have the envelope can you see what city they came from? That could help narrow it down, unless everyone lives in the same town.
  • Did you leave a blank space for them to fill in names and they didn't? I am just curious as to how this happens....
  •'s funny how people think we have ESP with it comes to these RSVPs
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    [QUOTE]<strong>Did you leave a blank space for them to fill in names and they didn't?</strong> I am just curious as to how this happens....
    Posted by rowenac82[/QUOTE]

    This... I didn't number mine.. I just went ahead a wrote all the names out on the rsvp cards, cause I didn't want the headache of trying to look through any more
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  • Yaaay for your RSVP, I did the same as PP and wrote each guest name in (more because I wanted to leave no room for ppl adding extra guest) lol
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  • The rsvp states "__1___ seats have been ur honor"...I filled out the blank depending on the guest...I put the name.on the outter when people sent me bck the rsvp I had no idea...i the postage city, so it narrowed it dwn..i.started writing names on the bck, but quickly decided against..noe.i wish.i would continued..
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