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TWO MONTHS and counting

First of all...HEY KNOTTIES..I missed you guys. I haven't checked in a minute. I CANNOT believe that I have been married for TWO MONTHS.  It actually seems like a lot longer. Things are going complaints.  We're blessed.  Hope you all can say the same.   LOVE LOVE LOVE to all my other 9-4-2010 brides.  Oh and somebody please explain to me how to shrink these giant pics in my signature.  They're so big you can see the veins in my arms.   **DREADFUL** LOL.

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Re: TWO MONTHS and counting

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    csuperstar02csuperstar02 member
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    Did you upload them to a site to get the code for them? Like tinypic or something? You can change the size on sites like that when you upload pics.

    But you can just go to where you put the code for your pics here on the knot and there should be a number in it (it should say width="XXXpx" or something like that) and just change that number to something like 150 or 250.


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    tyboydtyboyd member
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    Hey lady. Glad you came to say hi to us! I love your pix!
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    cincy2011cincy2011 member
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    I like them big b/c I love those pics!  LOL.  Congrats on hitting the 2 month mark.  Your wedding pics are sooo gorgeous (I know I saw them before, but it's good to see them again!).
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    I can't believe 2 months has passed so quickly either! I'm happy, you're happy. And I have to agree with Cincy that I like your pictures big because they're gorgeous. So I guess I'm no help.
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    Congratulations... Your pictures are gorgeous!!!!
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