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Stubborn, Stubborn Child...

Well I went to the doctor yesterday Little Sean won't drop down and come out so he needs a little coaxing. If I don't have the baby by Monday, I am getting induced Tuesday night. I'm a little nervous and after reading Stackeye's post about 60 hours of labor after being late 4 days, I am ready to get the baby out of me!

Re: Stubborn, Stubborn Child...

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    Yikes. Did they do the membrane stripping already? My sister in law swears by it. She did it twice and both times, she had the baby within 24 hours.
    Hang in there. He'll be here sooner than you know it. In the meantime, try to get as much rest as possible. From what I hear, these are the quiet moments to savor before baby arrives :-).
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    I also got my membranes stripped and it worked for me. Cause I told those Doctors I was not coming to another visit...lmao
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    that happened to me. My baby didnt drop down and I had to be induced. I did some walking around the hospital after I was induced so that I can dilate enough to be admitted.  
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    I was also induced due to my blood pressure. Have you tried talking long walks? Girl I know you ready for Lil Sean to come out, but enjoy this time...

    Have they told you which meds they plan to use for the inductions. They put the pills on my cervix(I cant remember what they were called). They thought I wouldnt have her until the next day. I was admitted at 3pm and Kadyn was here at 4:22am. They had given me sleeping pills and thats the only meds I had NO EPIDURAL. IMMA G!!!! LOL.

    Anyway I hope LIL SEAN gets here soon!
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    The problem is I can't sleep for the most part or what little sleep I get is not quality sleep. I am hoping Sean is like my first son, Alex. He slept all night but I know the universe doesn't work that way.

    My cervix is already thin (had surgery on it a 3 years ago) and for the longest we were worried about a premature birth!

    Walking isn't helping and neither is sex! I had problem dilating with my first son too. I am not doing this again!
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    You poor, poor girl.  I feel so bad for you.  You have so much going on with waiting for the baby and wedding planning, maybe you're just too stressed and need to relax.  Your body is probably all sorts of tensed up and holding everything in. 

    Also, sitting and slightly bouncing on an exercise ball can help open up the pelvis. 

    Come on out and play lil Sean!!!! 
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