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I'm back...and I'm married!!!

Hi ladies!
I know I haven't been on the boards much but here I am!
June 18, 2011 came and went.  My new husband and I had a wonderful time with family and friends, I had great bridesmaids and everything worked out wonderfully!
All I have to say to those who have weddings approaching is make sure you have fun and when the actual day comes don't sweat the small stuff.

My musician was over an hour late and the sound tech guy couldn't get my Ipod to work on the system.  Still I was relaxed and didn't care.  My bridesmaids laughed, joked, prayed, cried and even sang the theme song to Golden Girls until the music situation was straightened out.  I had an unbelievably beautiful day and still can't believe that God has blessed me with my husband, family and friends the way He has. 
Good luck to all you ladies on the board and, if you need recommendations for vendors in the Chicago area, feel free to message me.
Happy Wedding Planning!

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Re: I'm back...and I'm married!!!

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