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Guess who's back with some good news and some not so good news (VERY long)...

Hey there ladies,

Sorry for the delay, this update has been a long time coming.  I'm back as a Mrs and the good news is the wedding went pretty smoothly.  I was a nervous wreck leading up to days before the wedding just trying to make sure everything was in order and I was also stressed about the weather.  Well the weather was perfect.  It wasn't too hot nor was it too cold and our photographer seems to think that with it being slightly overcast, our pics will turn out great.  So anyway the day of went great.  I got up and ordered room service  at the hotel (something I NEVER do but hey, it was my wedding day) and then my Mom came to my room and my MUA arrived and did our hair and makeup.  She gets an A+++++++.  She was excellent.  She even had to help me in to my dress because my sisters hadn't arrived yet by the time I started getting dressed.  Anyway, after the photographer took some getting ready pics of my groom, he then came up to my room and took some getting ready pics of me.  After that it was off to the ceremony.  Our hotel was great because once I stepped off the elevator, I was greeted by the wedding coordinator and she escorted my Dad and I were we needed to go.  She did such a good job at making sure the guests knew where to go and she also made sure me and my then FI, did not run in to each other.  The ceremony was short and sweet just the way we wanted.  One thing that was kinda funny is the hotel created a DVD of pics for us, as well as a copy of the ceremony and when we went back and watched it, DH says "I BE wed" instead of "I THEE wed" and then had the nerve to say I said it wrong.  He finally realized HE was the one that said it wrong lol.  Anyway after the ceremony, it was off to a strip tour with our photographer and he took us to all these different locations to take pics of us.  I never realized how much attention you get in a wedding dress.  People kept congratulating us and one lady, a perfect stranger asked us if he could take a pic of us.  I think I might have lost about 10 pounds just getting in to and out of the limo for all of our pics.  After that, it was off to dinner and lemme tell u, by the time I got to dinner, my feet were on FIYA and my petticoat was ripped but none of it mattered.  Right after the ceremony, I asked DH to go back to the room and get a few things and one of them were my flip flops but he forgot and I didnt want him to have to go all the way back so I just went on ahead in my heels.  The next thing is we had a  lil altercation at dinner (my sister says its not a real wedding without at least one altercation).  So unbeknownst to me, one of DH's friends got a lil tipsy and starts cussin at the dinner table and he's seated a few seats from my Dad.  So DH asks to speak to him outside and tells him out of respect for my parents to not speak like that.  The guy starts saying this is Vegas and he can say what he wants and if we don't like it, he and his wife will leave and so they did and they did NOT bring a gift, but drank all the liquor they could at the wedding but I digress.  The next day, the guys wife calls DH and acts like she's gonna apologize but next thing we know she says "we didn't do it right and we should've let our guests know ahead of time about people like that".  I said oh ok, I guess I should've added on our invitations"be warned, there MAY some drunk fools at the dinner table".  Anyway, our photog was also great.  We had such a small party so we only booked a 6 hour package with him but he ended up staying well over 8.  At dinner he just kept snapping away and we had to talk him in to eating dinner with us.  He finally agreed and even while he ate, if he saw a shoot, he jumped right up with his camera.  Anyway by the time DH and I got back to our hotel room, tired isn't even the right word, we were beyond exhausted.  We ended up staying in Vegas till Monday and them drive back home as man and wife. 

The very next day we left for Dallas to visit my new in-laws and here's where I get to the not so good news.  We got to Dallas on Tues night and the very next day, lets just say I started having some "complications" so DH took me to the ER.  Long story short, after 3 days in and out of the hospital, I suffered a miscarriage.  We only got to see the in-laws that one day and the rest of the day was spent in the hospital.  I got released around 7pm Fri night and we flew back home Sat morning. 

However, I'm back to the good news, everything is in working order health wise and we are going to try again once we get the green light.  I have a very supportive husband and family and I know in my heart God knows best and everything happens for a reason and when its supposed too.  I had the wedding of my life and wouldn't have changed a thing about it.  It does kinda suck though that the engraved garter belt that I spent $30 on I ended up forgetting at home Undecided.  Even through it all, I'm still a blessed, lucky girl.

So far, here are tips I can think of to share.  One, if need be, make sure to have a comfortable back up pair of shoes handy.  I still got a blister on my foot today from my shoes and second, make sure to take one of your invites with you so your photog can get a professional pic of it.  I saw a bride post this a few days before we left and I'm glad she did because I hadn't thought of it, so our photog did get a pic of that.  Next is truly enjoy your day.  It goes by so fast.  I was so stressed in the days before that I kept saying I cant wait till its all over and then late the night of the wedding, I felt like awwwww its all over because I had had that much of a good time.  And lastly, if you even think you might have some drunk fools at your wedding, be sure to indicate that on your invites so your guests are on notice, just kidding Laughing

That's all for now ladies, I hope the wedding planning has been going well.  Congrats to those that have recently married and welcome to those brides that have since joined since I've been gone and I promise to post some pics once I get them.

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Re: Guess who's back with some good news and some not so good news (VERY long)...

  • Welcome back Mrs.!! Congrats on the being a newlywed!!

    *I also want to say that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband. Thank you for sharing your recap with us brides to be.
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  • Hey there MRS! First I am happy that for the most part you had a great wedding despite the drunken foolery that went on.  I don't know how you forgot to mention that on your reception card in your invite.  Shame on you!  LOL!   I am really sorry to read about your not so good news but there is a reason for everything as you said.  Keep us updated on that and on married life in general.  Again Congrats!!!

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  • I'm glad your wedding went well despite the drunk fools. i will make sure to put that on my invites lol.

    I am very sorry to hear about the miscarriage on the heels of the wedding. Please know that God looks after us all and you'll be pregnant again in no time.

  • Congratulations MRS! 

    Happy you're back with the good news, and so very sorry for the bad news!  What a blessing to have had your dream wedding as well as to get a clean bill of health after things settled down.  I'm glad you're OK!

    It's great to hear the weather held up for you; I remember that you were worried about that before you left.  For what it's worth, my photographer said the same thing about overcast days making for the best photos.  I can't wait to see your pics!  I'm sure you were beautiful!
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  • Congrats MRS! Thank you so much for the detailed recap. Sounds like your special day was blessed. Even though you probably didn't stick a broom in a room, I guess prayer worked for the good weather!

    I am truly happy that you are taking things in stride and trusting in God. I am sure when the time is right, you two, will be blessed with another chance of becoming parents. 

    Congrats again!
  • I'm glad you had the wedding of your dreams...sorry to hear about the not so good news. I will def keep an extra pair of shoes....thanks for the tip.


  • Congrats MRS!!!!  I'm so freakin happy that you had an amazing day and you are now a MRS!!!  My heart goes out to you and your husband on the not so good news and I will keep you in my prayers.  Enjoy married life and I can't wait for you to come back with some pics!
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  • Hey Soror!!!!!!

    Congrats and so glad everything went smoothly. Sorry about the not so good news, but you are so right that God knows best and like Tasha has reminded us earlier, He is a sovereign God.
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  • Sending prayers your way....

    On another note....your wedding sounded awesome. I have been waiting for your recap. Congrats Congrats and Congrats.

  • I just want to reach through the computer and give you a great big (((((HUG))))))!!!! I'm really sorry to hear about the not so good news.

    I'm extremely happy that you came back to greet us as MRS. and that your day was great and no rain!

  • Thank you so much ladies.  I really missed you guys.

    LOL @ island07b2b at the drunken foolery.  Girl, If that wasn't just a hot mess.  And you'd think with a guest list of 15, the odds of me having any issues would be lower, but I guess not.

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  • Welcome back MRS!!! I'm happy you had a wonderful wedding day (despite the drunken fools).  My heart goes out to you and hubby. Your positive outlook is very encouraging. Blessings and thanks for the tips :)
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  • (((BIG BIG HUGS)))

    Like your sis said, one altercation per wedding sounds about a right quota! If they're not yelling and fighting, they're dancing on tables and making out with ice sculptures. I have to say though, it's a good thing they left considering they could have stayed and things got out of hand. I'm sooooooo excited to see those pics!

    I'm very sorry about your not so good news; I hope you're feeling better physically - the emotional part will feel better with time. Take it from someone who's lost a child, it takes lots of time and lots of patience. xoxo

    Please share those gorgeous pics soon - I'm itching to see what I missed out on by nixing the Vegas wedding :)
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  • keyaira04keyaira04 member
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    Welcome back lady! I am glad you had a great wedding day. Prayers to you and your husband...
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  • congrats Mrs!! Glad you had a great wedding day. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband as well
  • LSASLSAS member
    Congrats Mrs!!!  I am so excited to read your recap and I'm glad you enjoyed Vegas!!!!  So sorry for your loss, God allows things to happen for a reason.  Keep the positive attitude.  Congrats again!!!
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    [QUOTE]Welcome back Mrs.!! Congrats on the being a newlywed!! *I also want to say that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband. Thank you for sharing your recap with us brides to be.
    Posted by Elizabeth80[/QUOTE]

    THIS!!!!!! LOVE YA GIRL!
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  • Congrats on the wedding of your dreams. Sorry for you and FI loss. I pray everything goes
    well next time. 
  • First let me say, Congrats Mrs!!!! I am so happy for you and thank you for coming back to do your recap.

    I am sorry about your not so good news. May God be with you and your hubby during this time.

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  • Congratulations , your wedding sounds great. My prayers are with you and your Husband.
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  • Congrats MRS!  So glad the wedding went well just one hiccup!  

    You and your husband are in my prayers regarding the not so good news.  Remember that God has his hands around you!
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  • In Response to Re:Guess who's back with some good news and some not so good news VERY long...:[QUOTE]Congrats Mrs!!!nbsp; I am so excited to read your recap and I'm glad you enjoyed Vegas!!!!nbsp; So sorry for your loss, God allows things to happen for a reason.nbsp; Keep the positive attitude.nbsp; Congrats again!!! Posted by LSAS[/QUOTE]

    Truer words have never been spoken. Congrats lady!!
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  • Congrats on the beautiful wedding and day.  I am so sorry for your loss. 
    Thanks for the tips, I'll def remember the back up shoes.  (((HUGZ)))
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  • Wow, Soror, that was a Great recap and I have such Mixed emotions right now.

    CONGRATULATIONS AND GOD'S BLESSINGS to you and your HUSBAND. May your love continue to grow, blossom and make each day sweeter.

    SO SORRY for your  loss. I hope that you will take some time to allow yourself to Heal from the disappointment both physically and spiritually. God's plan is always the right one, but it is often hard to understand.

     Looking forward to the photos and I'm making a Mental note to pack some flip-flops for the reception!!!Cool
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  • Congrats, and so sorry for your loss.
  • May God bless you guys and my prayers are sent for you! Congrats on becoming a MRS!!!
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  • TWIN!!!!... Congrats MRS!!!.. I'm soo happy that your day went beautifully... Mine was a hot mess (I did a recap a while back.. hope it's still there so you can read and see some pics) at first but it turned out great!

    I'm SOOOOOOOO sorry for your loss mama, and please know that I'm praying for you and your DH. I'm happy to hear that the healing process is going well for you physically, and pray that your emotional healing process is even greater. I know you know that God has your back %100, and knows where your little blessing will be a reality in his plan for your life. I'm sending tons and pounds of baby dust and prayer your way.. heres to hoping you and DH get the twins I wanted!. Wink

    Love you Sis!
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  • Aww I finally found the post Congrats mrs sounds like you two had. Great day even with the drunks lol *hugs* on the bad news you an hubby are in my prayers Loved your pictures
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