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I just looked at my cousins wedding pics....

And I am so jaded lol. They looked so in love. I just can't wait until my wedding gets here. OK the green monster is getting put away. Seriously they looked so happy and like they were having a funky good time. I'm so mad that we couldn't go to the wedding. 

Have you felt like this before? Go to a wedding or look at pics and just wish it was you at your wedding?? 

Re: I just looked at my cousins wedding pics....

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    Thats how I felt looking at my friends pics, I didnt wish it was me, but i wished I was there.  She is Egyptian and looked absolutely gorgeous.  They had the belly dancers and other performers...ok im getting depressed again.
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    I'm mad that they were having a funky good time.  Girl, you are a mess!  Yeah, whenever I see past knotties post their wedding pics the hateration comes out.  But I'm trying to work on being genuinely happy for folks. LOL.  Just kidding, I am happy for them, but I do know what you mean.  I am such a budget bride and I know nothing about weddings, haven't even been to one in years, so I just hope that this shyt doesn't come out looking tacky.

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