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Groomsman drama

We have six bridesmaids and groomsmen in our bridal party... we chose our closest friends to be involved, friends we know we can count on to be there for us no matter what....

Welll weddings really have a way in bringing out people truse character.. any how thats anlother story..

One of the groomsmen the tallest one, also the one with the biggest feet ( i said that to reinforce the following) we had all the suits ordered along with all the shoes so everyone will be uniformed... Now my FI close friend from church is saying he cannot attend since he works on one of the smaller private islands and his celebrity boss is coming in from US/Europe on the night of the wedding... therefore he cannot attend... this is my FI friend since they were in diapers.... Gm (head gardener) says his manager said he can either choose to attend a party or keep his job.. which i think th emanager is mean... I do not know if the GM is afraid to state that it is not just another normal wedding but the fact that he is in the bridal party and the clothes are already ordered etc.. plus he has the biggest feet either 13 or 14 where are we going to find someone to fit that ...

everything was going soooo well until this ... any advice how to handle this ... FI is crushed that his friends will not be there ... there is a group of them from church four of them and the other two cannot make it for valid reasons... one is on a scholarship attachment in the US and because of VISA restrictions cannot leave and the other is also unable to come for other valid reasons.

any advice
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Re: Groomsman drama

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    This is a very sticky situation.  Im sorry you have to deal with this. Have you tried to contact your vendor to see if you can make a change in the shoe size for the GM with size 13/14 so that you could hopefully find someone to replace him.  Are you and FI paying for their attire btw?
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