I think I'm going crazy! So much to do!! What's on your list?

For those July brides - what is on your lists to still do??
My list is never ending it seems! I've felt very calm up until this week!! I only have 2 more weeks!!!!!!!!!!! AAAHHHH!!!!
I sit in bed a night for an hour with the light off, a note pad and pen sitting between the pillows writing stuff in the dark as I remember it! Is that normal!?!?! Or I will grab my cell phone and put in 10 reminders each night for the next day to check on! I cannot get to sleep like I used to. I've got so many things going on in my head!

Just last night I wrote down these things:
But more ribbon for the pomanders
Get final carnation count to florist for DIY pomanders
Buy fans
Buy white bags (we have a pool at the venue and we're going to like tea lights in white bags with a black damask stamp so when it gets dark no one falls in)
Buy a damask stamp
Count tea lights @ home & buy more if needed
Mail banquet permit to venue (check!)
Order table runners (off etsy, will do in just a few minutes)
Buy more spray paint for the silverware basket (check)
Buy 4 rect. table cloths
Mail out last shower thank yous
Set up a make up trial
Make appt for pedis for the day before for the BMs and me
Buy the nail polish we will need
Buy candy for favors
Buy gift ribbon
Go to Macy's and try some spanx on again & buy some
Talk to officiant about aunt doing a reading

That was all last night!!!!
This isn't even my "normal" to do list!

Re: I think I'm going crazy! So much to do!! What's on your list?

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    Chcocolate favors
    Rose petals for the aisle
    DIY centerpieces
    Pay for our food and drinks for the venue
    Hair trial and makeup shopping
    Wedding Countdown Ticker
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    We still have to by the booze too!!
    I've got a couple things off my list so far today! :)

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    Yes, that is competely normal. At least if you are me! I do exactly the same thing. If you want to get sleep try not to think about the wedding a few hours before bedtime. I also write everything down so I don't have to keep thinking about it:)

    Good list:)
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