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Sorry, I'm being lazy... my phone is down on my printer charging and I don't wanna move to get it. When is your wedding?! I'm looking at shoes and I'm seeing some cute suede shoes, BUT aren't you getting married in the spring or summer?! lol. {Don't wanna send no crazy suggestions!}

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    I'm getting married on March 12th so technically still winter, but with short dresses and the style of my dress, I don't think I can swing suede. I do love suede shoes though...bought three pair last month for this season. :) Thank you so much for looking and send me whatever. I think I am going to open up to other color options...perhaps ivory also? I just wouldn't be willing to pay as much for that color since I wouldn't wear them again.
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    Well, let me swing back through these websites b/c I'm seeing a lot of stuff! Your email is open in one of my tabs! lol
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