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I Hate it When Wednesday...

I hate it when you do someone a favor and they want to be BEYOND picky!!!

I am already doing you a favor AND going out of my way to do it...so PLEASE do not be picky on my time!
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Re: I Hate it When Wednesday...

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    I hate it when people RSVP saying they're coming to the wedding, but then send you a gift in the mail 5 days before your wedding without an explanation of why they're not coming. You're wasting my damn money!
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    I HATE it when people come into my second job at 8:30pm and we close at 9:00pm and do not check out until 8:59 pm. We were open from 10am why did you choose to wait until 8:30pm to come in and decide to buy up half the store. Just like you are ready to go home when you get off work so am I, even more so because I have already worked 8 hours at my full-time job!

    I hate it when people I don't even talk to on a regular basis see the need to inform me that they want an invitiation to my wedding or better yet THEY ARE COMING TO MY WEDDING. Sorry but you won't be getting one. Not about to waste my money entertaining someone I don't even talk to.

    I hate it when my stepfather has to try to turn everything into something about him. When I got engaged he told my fiance when it was over he thought he was going to let him get up and say something. FOR WHAT? Now since my sister is getting married this weekend he is upset that neither of us have him doing anything in the wedding (besides walking our mother, his wife down the aisle). So now he has said that he and my mother will leave during my sister's reception. It's always something with him. Then have the nerve to wonder why we don't want anything to do with him!!!
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    I hate it when something comes up that needs to be done for the wedding and I just don't feel like doing it. I have 4 meetings set up with photographers this weekend and I am so not feeling it. Ugh, I have to snap out of it and get into planning mode.
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  • luckyinloveazluckyinloveaz member
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    I hate it when parent's are in denial that their child is a cry baby. No one wants to be around a baby that cries all the time. It's not cute at all!!

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    I hate it when you complain about your job everyday but you not trying to find anything better!!  Stop freakin complaining and do something to change the dang situation!!
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    I hate it when I can't make up my mind about items for the wedding. This is driving me crasy...

    I hate it when I dont go in on Saturday for overtime. We could use the extra money for this thing and our nest egg.. I really need to get on the ball.
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    I hate it when my FI tells me his mom has invited someone else to the wedding. Were 3 days away!! WTF lady? How do you invite someone to a function you're not hosting or paying for anyway?
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    I hate it when folks say" I got your invitation, Im coming" but wont go and RSVP WTF... Its simple... I cant remember all y'all!
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