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Can you Say WE ARE BROKE! Major Checks

Not literally but OMG! Major checks today. We got our taxes today along with our bonuses from work  sooooooo here it is:

95% pymt to DJ Ubi for dj/lighting
95% pymt to AB for linens and decor
100% pymt to Hitched for lounge furniture and square tables
Remainder pymt to Hotel ceremony location
FG dresses and my shoes
Aisle runner
napkins/ matches
andddddd my final pymt of 40% to pickup my dress on tomorrow or Sunday.
Final pymt on videographer
Invites paid in full

I cried this morning, when we went over the check book and my fingers got cramps with the check writing and balancing. Oh how I wish I promised fi no credit cards for this wedding, but I know its for the best.

Re: Can you Say WE ARE BROKE! Major Checks

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