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So I got married! Sorry it's hella long y'all

Sorry, it's taken me a little longer to write this then I expected.  I came down with the stomach flu a couple days after the wedding (joy of joys)

Anyway...I went up to NY from Philly Wed night with a crazy amount of errands to run before the big day Sunday.

Thurs: Hair and Make up trial, plus getting civilly married, plus getting henna designs on my hands in advance of the wedding

Fri: My bridesmaids and friends start coming in town and I'm running around like a crazy person trying to get bridesmaid gifts.  That evening we had a chill girls night--an old school sleepover at the hotel so all my bridesmaids (and a couple other close friends) could get to know each other in advance of the wedding-looking back I think this did so much to add to the awesome vibe of the wedding

Sat night: the hostess in me felt obligated to take my out of town friends and relatives on a night out on the town--I come back to my hotel  room to find crazy wasted bridesmaids, one of which is getting sick in a bag --drama I dont need at 3:30 am when have to be up at 8 to get my now husband to finish the F*ng seating chart because he forgot and went to watch football.

Day of:  Started getting ready for the hair/make up artist to come (and trying to call my husband to wake him up to do seating chart) and my mom comes down sobbing about how I'm all grown up.  It was adorable, but now I'm  running late.  The hair/make up artist shows up, I'm not ready, my sister hops in the chair gets done--she;s gorge and totally rocking the vintage pin up style I want.  I hop in next --and am multitasking (doing the seating chart and avoiding my wedding planner who keeps asking for it).  Finally the chart is done and so is my hair--Bam photographer-finish makeup--and get on the dress-that is the moment where I went oh S*it I'm getting married today

I finally got my bridesmaids together handed out gifts and we hopped in the limo to make it in time for pictures--to find out that my husband was running late and just got there so I hung out in limo so he didn't see me.  After that it turned into James Bond in a wedding dress-we didn't want to see each other before the ceremony so my MOH has me doing all kinds of spy ish to avoid him. 

We finish pics as our cocktail hour starts (its before the ceremony --we're in separate rooms) and everything is looks fantastic, I come down and sit in a fancy chair and my friends and family come to greet me/get blessings (it's a Jewish thing).  I'm so paranoid about destroying my dress that I miss all the awesome cocktail hour food and stick to vodka and sprite.

The ceremony was unbelievable.  Although after all the time of wanting a birdcage veil, I had the veil part pinned in my fascinator and forgot to unpin it for the ceremony. In a Sephardic ceremony you only get walked down 3/4 of the way then the groom comes to meet you--my grin when he started walking toward me was insane.  The rabbi (who I only met at the cocktail hour) was fantastic, funny charismatic and perfect for a crowd of Orthodox Jews, non-religious Jews and non-Jews.  The ceremony was very traditional and perfect.  Afterwards people sang and danced us out of the room.

After some quick pics with both of us we were intro'd into the party room where we danced for an hour before dinner--the atmosphere was crazy, you could totally feel people's happiness for us (we had separate dancing for men and women which everyone enjoyed even if it was unusual for them). 

Dinner was awesome--I made sure to eat something.  I surprised my husband with a cat cake topper (he's super obsessed with his cat) and after cake cutting we all paraded back to the dance floor to 2nd line music--followed by a bounce classic and a special dance presentation to Thriller by my bridesmaids.  I made an exception to the separate dancing and surprised my father with a father/daughter dance--he was so absolutely thrilled I'm glad I did it.

We went back for dessert and more drinks ...and then headed to the afterparty.  We threw an afterparty at the bar in our hotel.  Although, I was exhausted it was nice to spend another couple hours with out of town friends.

Best day of my life!! I made sure to be present and enjoy it! Everytime I think about it I smile, wouldn't change a thing.  Everything came together perfectly from the venue to my vintage/goth theme.  And our ceremony music=indie awesomeness (Slow Show by the National, I will Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie and Falling Slowly by the Frames).  I will try and figure out how to share pics.

Re: So I got married! Sorry it's hella long y'all

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