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(NWR)Livid=Communication Error

I am beyond pissed. I go to sign on my FB today and see all these posts from my mom calling me a spoiled brat and attention whore. I'm like where did all this come from? Days ago my mom posted Happy Birthday on my oldest cousin's FB wall and she commented to her first born baby. My mom had me when she was young and my aunt was a single mom too both living with my grandparents at the time, so my mom practically raised my cousin. I made a funny statement mean, "first born, that mean I was dropped on my head less?" Not trying to be mean but the statement was about first time parents. With your first child you make some mistakes and the baby might be dropped by mistake because you never held a baby before. How did I end up being called a brat?

 Also I wrote on my FB status yesterday aplogizing about my mom because she just joined FB last year and just learned how to "tag" pictures. Well she starting taggin gherself in family members and non family members album. I told her not to do that with my pic albums ie:my profile is private and I don't want everyone looking at my pics. My mom has over 800 friends and maybe know a handful of people. Plus she did not ask these family members and starting tagging the kids. Well maybe they don't want the kids pics all over on FB?

Well she called me just a few minutes ago needing a ride and I asked her wth is that about on FB. I explained what I meant and she apologized. She said people was asking her what was my comment about on my cousin's page. People kept inboxing her asking what was wrong with me. It was a joke! I am more upset that my own mother would called me a spoiled brat/aw instead of asking me first what did I mean. Now I feel betrayed and embarassed. Besides a few knotties on here, I have coworkers, hs friends and more. I don't know what to do? I feel weird about erasing the comment because Lord knows how many have read it?

So for the spellings errors. Just upset!

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Re: (NWR)Livid=Communication Error

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    edited December 2011
    Wow, whats crazy is that it sounds like your mom might not have even read anything in to it, if people wouldnt have been putting stuff in her head.
    I cant satnd when people mis- read my comments and it definitely frustrating when some one that you feel should know you, takes things all wrong. Im sorry that you had to deal with the drama. You and your mom will be fine. It sounded like a funny joke to me. I wouldnt delete it.
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    edited December 2011
    Since you and your mom have talked about it, I would delete them. You know that she won't be upset because you guys have squashed it. I, personally, wouldn't care what people thought who read it, but it is obvious that you do. Delete them and move on. GL with FB in the future. LOL!!
    And the whole time, my future husband was in the room...... image image
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