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Invitation for the Pastor

Did you send him an invitaiton? He is performing our ceremony but I am not a member of his church. His daughter who is my BM and I have been friends since middle school. So I want to invite his wife and would like him to stay for the reception if he would like. I have him down to send out the invite, but I thought I would see what you all had to say.
**I am getting married to Mr. Wonderful on 11/3/2012**

Re: Invitation for the Pastor

  • I invited the Pastor that conducted my ceremony and his wife. He RSVP'd for 2 but his wife ended up being a no show. He did stay for the reception though. 
  • I think you should send him and his wife an invite. My uncle is performing our ceremony and I am sending him and his family and invite.
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  • so as I find a officiant I going to ask him if he would like to stay and if he would like to bring his wife I hope we can find a black officiant if not one of our friends will have to get ordained lol!
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  • Funny, I just sent the pastor doing our ceremony an email asking if he got the invitation. So yes, I sent him an invite for him and his wife. 
  • I invited my officiant and her husband. They are my mom's pastors so I'm pretty sure they'll both be there. I would go ahead and invite him and the Mrs!
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