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Wedding theme/reception idea denied

So I was looking at some pictures by some photographers and i really love the Indian weddings. My colors are already tangerine, hot pink, and red which were the colors for most of the Indian weddings I saw pictures of. I told my mom that it would be cool to do an Indian theme and she agreed. I then suggested that it would be cool to have bollywood dancers perform at the reception and that got a big NO from her. She is paying for the wedding so then I thought if she won't go for it maybe my FI might think it would be cool to hire the dancers and he would pay. As soon as I told him about the theme he thought it was cool, but when I mentioned the dancers he looked at me like, "This woman must be crazy!"

Who thinks the dancers would be cool? Just asking...
I'm not Indian at all and my wedding is a purly Christian wedding, but I thought it would add something exotic to the wedding and would give my guests something they aren't used to at all, but then again I am the world traveling one in the family and I'm into these kinds of things and everyone else pretty much isn't...oh well it was worth mentioning, but hey I get to keep my Indian theme.
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Re: Wedding theme/reception idea denied

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    I would wonder if you had the dancers without the theme but you should be good.

    One thing to note is that American weddings are different than African & Asian weddings. The later two are more of a celebration and 99% of the times you have some type of dance/performance at the receptions

    I have yet to see that at an American wedding, maybe that's why your mom is not on board??

    I guess you both have to decide how far you want to take your theme....
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    I love the asian culture. Would the bollywood dancers be expensive? It would make fo something interesting during dinner time. I wanted african dancers to perform during our dinner hour but that was $500 for 15mins, so I am going with a steel drum band for cocktail hour for $300. I think any type of live music performance the guest will love.

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    I think its a cool idea, it would make the theme stand out more. Are you going to have the guests sit at chairs or on pillows? What type of food are you serving? I don't think you need the dancers, but it would be a fun addition. 
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    I agree that it would be nice but not necessary. what about belly dancers? Are you tying in Indian food as well?
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