Cake, cake, cake...

FI and I are planning only on purchasing a cutting cake because we are planning on making cupcakes for everyone and we are having a dessert reception.

Have any of you ordered strictly a "cutting cake"? When you called the baker how did you ask for it and how much did they quote you? (If you don't mind divulging.)

Re: Cake, cake, cake...

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    I've never asked but you should contact Kelli Morse from kelliscakecreations.com. I'm sure she'll give you a killer deal and make something adorable!
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    I agree... I know sometimes cupcake people can do a cutting cake for you too. I know cup cake royal did that for a friend of mine's wedding.
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    Ditto PPs - not very uncommon with the popularity of cupcakes.  I know when UWhuskygirl got married they had cupcakes and a LARGE (think 9" tall) cupcake as their cutting cake. 
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    Tygirl that's a cute idea!

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    I just did a 6" round cake to cut. But then again, I just got it from a grocery store because cake was not something we cared to spend a lot of money on.
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