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    woot, woot!  Some of my vendors made the list:

    Officiant Finalist:  Rev. Ray Van Winkle
    E/Wedding Rings Finalist:  Green Lake Jewelry Works
    Dress Shop Winner:  I Do Bridal

    Definitely great vendors!
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    Yay for Ben Bridge making the cut. They were so great with my FIs wedding band... I like that they know their stuff and weren't even CLOSE to pushy. Very relaxed... I had horrible experiences at Kay's and Jared's for his bands... bleh. The place we got my engagement ring was wonderful as well, but that one goes without saying :)

    I really wasn't impressed with wavelink so that one kinda surprises me... *shrug*

    hah I don't think anyone will ever trump Men's Warehouse, since it's nationwide and easy to work with OOT bridal party.

    I will also say... I'm not that impressed with Mike's Amazing Cakes.. I know that I'm probably a horrible person for that one.. It doesn't surprise me that they took first, but I definitely opted not to use them for our wedding cake.
    THey do INCREDIBLE work for asthetic appeal! That is hard to beat, but the cake itself was just so-so. My cousin's birthday was a couple weeks ago and we used them for her cake. It was incredible how perfect the look was, but I didn't want a whole piece because it was way to dense and sugary.. I'm also not a huge fondant fan.
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    haha Washingtonians certainly love their Nordstrom :) we like local! :P
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    Nordstrom made me lol too

    I am getting FIs cake from Mike's Amazing Cakes, but after reading PP post may go with someone else for the wedding cake..Have to do a tasting still .

    Yay EE Robins... I liked that they are working with us to make a custom ring and were not so pushy. 
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    Ah well The problem with big cake bakeries is that the cake itself is often frozen. They make it weeks to months in advance and just freeze it until then which makes it more dense...
    You won't be let down with Mike's work, that's for sure. They do incredible work to make it look amazing.

    I opted for a local "under the radar" cake baker up in Bellingham and her work is incredible (she's from the south.. they don't mess with wedding stuff down there O.o ) and it was soooo amazing I just want my diet to consist of her cake lol!
    FI hates sweet sweet stuff and so she was all about working around him and the needs.. like we wanted chocolate frosting because he loves chocolate.. but he hates frosting.. so she whipped up some ganach right there and he was in love. She also explained the differences in how flavorings work and why she recommends these vs. those and whatnot...

    Fi is a very needy man when it comes to our wedding cake so I'm thrilled with our baker.. plus it doesn't hurt that she is charging 180 for a two tiered cake to feed 100.
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    Wow awesome price! Yea I trust the south with all things sweet and fried chicken. Though the Koreans make some really good fried chicken too (www.maangchi.com)

    That's cool though I may hunt around some more for our wedding cake t osee if I can find someone in Redmond like that.

    Yea my FI is really concerned about the cake and flavors etc. I did not think he would be so into wedding planning lol :)
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    haha I love it.. I pretty much was sitting withthe cake baker with my jar in lap as FI explained that we Didn't want fondant, but buttercream, that we want a blue ribbon around the bottoms of the tiers, and two seperated tiers because we want to put flowers in between.. etc....
    I was like "..................WHO are you!?!?! " LOL

    mmmmmmmmmmmm fried chicken..... not a good thing to want at 730am.... yum...
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    Thanks for the thoughts Kimberly.
    Yeah my baker is a bamf. She cuts this specific clear tape stuff (idk exactly what it is) and puts it on the back of the ribbon so that the buttercream doesn't even touch it. No bleeding, no worries. :)

    We are very similar! Why kind of flowers? we're doing blue hydrangaes. We also have little yellow bubbles starting out densly at the bottom of the tiers (on top of the ribbon) and thinning out as they go up go like champagne bubbles. :) FI's idea.. he is precious. haha
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