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My dad's brother's oldest son has been estranged from the family for quite a few years....I would say 5-7 years. Long, long story, basically he was just always a messed up kid. Would steal from family members, constantly working for my dad and then quitting over and over, always having brushes with the law, etc. I think he's 35 and still doesn't have a driver's license. Anyway, he invited us all to his engagement party ~7 years ago and then suddenly decided he hated us and wanted nothing to do with any of us. Anyway, we've basically not heard from him since then. The final straw for my dad and grandma was that he didn't come to my grandfather's wake or funeral. Even though he was done with us, she thought he'd still come for that so when he didn't it was really over.

Suddenly he pops back into the picture a few months ago, calling my dad, texting my sister, wanting a job from my dad. Now he's asking if he can come to my wedding. Unbelievable. I'm like, uh we haven't spoken in 5 years at least...for what reason would I really care for you to be there?

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    Oh pobrecita, I feel your pain, at least a little. You've only got a few weeks left! Fingers crossed that nobody freaks out too much.

    Are the times that he asks for a job the times when things are good (at least he's trying to work)? Or bad (can't hold down a job with everybody else)?

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    Wow, he sounds like a real winner.  FWIW, actually, he sounds like my brother a bit (minus the brushes with the law as far as I know).  Anyhow, I think the simplest way to decline is to tell him you've already submitted the seating chart to the venue and the guest count to the caterer (you know, they wanted it early due to all the holiday parties and all) and then remind him that he didn't want part of the family.  Then again, I'm probably being a bit of a biatch with the second part, so omit that if you would like. Tongue out
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    haha, i agree with Tygirl!

    I don't understand why all the sudden people think that they should be invited..

    this makes me think, i'm gonna cut a few more people off my list.
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    ugh! seriously. When it rains it pours! you poor girl. First of all your weeks away from you big day so all the last minute stress is probably making you crazy
    Then you uncle finds out his SUPER sick
    Then this seamstress lady is basically holding your dress ransom
    Now this too!?! GAH! go get a drink then kick his ass to the curb (or in reverse order if you wish)
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    What did you say???
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    LOL. Just keep piling it on! I'm not even legitimizing this nonsense with an answer. He didn't even have the balls to ask me himself (got his dad to ask my sister) so I'm just completely ignoring it. They show up, they'll be escorted out, simple as that.
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    Yep, I wouldn't let him in either. And he didn't even ask you!! That is lame. Sending good thoughts your way! You don't need this BS before your big day!
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    I would have to say directly to him that the guest list is set and their are 
    no exceptions. Unfortunately for him he excluded himself from the family so he made his bed he can lie in it.

    So just don't stress on something like this and take care of all those lose ends and enjoy your day.

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