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August 2009 Weddings

Meaningful ideas for bridesmaid gifts?

I have already bought my three bridesmaids their day of jewelry and I'm paying for their hair (I know this doesn't always equal bridesmaid gift to some, but it's part of their gift). I also bought them gift cards each of their fav place. None of these gifts seem meaningful enough for my girls, since they are all travelling from far away to stand up for me on my day.Paul bought his guys engraved flasks with key rings, fancy old-school straight razors and gift cards. I feel like I need more for the girls. Any ideas for something unique or meaningful, but won't break the bank? Thanks!

Re: Meaningful ideas for bridesmaid gifts?

  • I think with females a nice card or meaningful words go a long way. I added tank tops and flip flops in our colors for the girls to wear the day of and instead of writing directly on the tank I made pins for them to wear on the tank if they want. Paying for their hair is totally a gift. I felt like I wasn't really getting my MOH any little extra but she called and said she couldn't afford to get hair and makeup and nails done so as her extra I am paying for that and I think it's plenty. I actually just got inspired to possibly make each one of them a mixed cd of our favorite songs together...
  • I bought cheap picture frames and put three different pictures of the four of us (we have all been friends for 10+ years) into them...but that was convienent because we are all best friends so I have some good pics of all of us together. But you could still find a good pic of you with each of them to frame if you don't have pictures of all of you as a group.
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  • Well I am just buying my girls there jewlery for the day because I'm unemplyed right now. But when my best friend got married she made each of her girls a batch of there favorite cookie as a thank you. it was rather inexpensive. I would know I was sent with her debt card to get all the ingredents.
  • Ok, thanks, I appreciate it.
  • I think it would be nice to frame a picture with the two of you for each of them - that came out weird, but I think you know what I mean!  Otherwise, I think what you've done is great :)
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