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August 2009 Weddings

B-Party Sadness (Long)

Sort of just venting...So, I'm sort of feeling like a loser right now.  I have 5 BMs, a personal attendant, and two hostessess in my wedding party, plus my friends in general who all live decently close by.  I have a grand total of 4 people, 2 of whom are my sisters, and 1 who I really don't even know anymore who will be there.  3/6 girls who were originally BMs (one dropped to Personal attendant b/c of money issues) will be coming. FI has minimum of 20 planning to show up.Sigh, it just kind of sucks because I always go out of my way to attend these sorts of things for others and it sucks that the other 10-15 people invited can't make it.  :(

Re: B-Party Sadness (Long)

  • I understand. My bridal shower was like that. I had my matron of honor who threw the party, my mom, my grandma, FI's mom, 1 friend who came for a grand total of 10 minutes, and 3 other girls who are really FI's friends wives, not my friends.
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  • That does suck.  Everything in my wedding seems to have a lot of people involved so to have one thing that is only 5 people total is awesome and I am looking foward to it.  On the other hand one of my BMs texted me that she couldn't go to the b-party because she had a dental appt her mom made for her (she is 22).

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  • The same thing happened with my b party. We had just enough for a low-key dinner event. Some girls couldn't get out of working, others had money issues and couldn't travel, one girl was having mouth surgery, and another was in the middle of a move. I promise you're not a loserface. Things just come up and you should still try to have a good time!
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  • My MOH told me that out of 25 people invited to my bridal shower, only 10 are coming, and it's only my closest friends and family, including my BMs. It's a bummer, since I haven't seen a lot of them and none are attending from FIs side, but whatevvvve.
  • I know how you feel. My b-party is this weekend and it will be my MOH and 2 BM. I was talking to my FI and was saying how I feel like a loser. But my MOH reminded me that it is in Boston, most of my friends are at least 2 hours away and with the economy it is hard. She also said that many people had plans already since it is summer. Just like you, I have traveled out of my way for theirs so it does hurt. My shower was small too but that was due to FMIL and her wanting to throw her own shower, so only a few of my FIs family showed up. I know I will have so much fun but I still feel like a loser.
  • Well, it feels better to know I'm not the only one.  :)  Yeah, that's what FI keep saying...it's summer and a lot of our friends work in health care and have to work many weekends.  The exact same thing happened last year on my birthday though, so I remember thinking "at least people will show up for the bach party."  Oh well!  I love my sisters (at least 2 of them can come) and I know I'll have fun with them!
  • I'm sorry. That's totally sucky. I actually only invited about 6 people. I wanted the option to go out and not have an entourage with me. I'm hoping for a bonding experience and lots of girl talk. We'll see how tonight goes. Hopefully you still have a good time with just the few people.
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  • I'm feeling the same way and happy to hear I'm not the only one. Jason had 45 people show up to his Bach party last Saturday. Mine is tomorrow and it sounds like its only going to be six of us there. Same with my first shower. They invited 40 people and about 15 showed up. I was really hurt that my three friends who I hosted baby showers for didn't come. Seems like I'm always there for them and now that its my turn they are no where to be found. :0(
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  • Out of curiosity, what's a hostess? I only know that word in terms of the girl who seats you at a restaurant and the women in Japan who are paid to pour drinks and lavish attention on men.I assume you're not referring to either of those!
  • Haha, no?I guess it would be like a greeter  Our wedding coordinator at the church advised us to have a host/hostess.  They'll be greeting people, showing them where the wedding is (the church has a massive foyer and many directions leading out), and where the guest book is.Largely, I was trying to find something for my other two female cousins to do--in my family we all grew up together, and I would feel bad leaving them out.  But it's a pretty common thing in the MN.  :)
  • So basically ushers without the escorting people to their seats. Gotcha.
  • Bailey that just sucks :(

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  • I am late to this post but I too feel like a loser! I am in the same boat as you.My maid of honor has known the date of my bachelorette party for 6 months (my two bridemaids that live near me started planning then) and she just told me that she "would try to be there but she has to work." She works for her parents and never has problems getting time off but anyway...i don't want to badmouth her too much.Most of the people who are coming are people that I work with that I have become friends with. I think we have a group of 9, maybe 10. It does suck because I try and do everything I can for my friends...oh well. I am thankful for those that are coming though :) So I have to spin this positively and know that those girls have my back and we are gonna have a blast!
  • I thought I was the only one! We invited 40 people for my wedding shower and ony 15 showed up. I was so hurt-1/2 of the group was my family and only 2 of his came, and only 4-5 of my church people came. My bachelorette party is tomorrow and only 1 of my BM is coming! We keep having people cancel left and right-and it's not because of money. They either have plans or just don't want to come. I'm trying to be ok with it by saying that at least it'll  be more intimate and fun w/a small group of people.
  • :late to the thread:however, I too, am quite happy to see I'm not alone in this.I have 7 girls attending my B-Party, quite a few said they can't come. I wonder if this is a normal thing? People just don't think it's a big deal or something?Wait till it's THEIR b-parties!
  • yay, glad i'm not alone either!! I had 15 girls that were scheduled to go to Vegas! We all had the time off, etc and were about to book rooms, when everyone started backing out due to money issues. so we changed all the plans and kept the party here in hollywood, so that the original 15 could all afford to go. well, 2 nights before the b party, the same girls that flaked on vegas, flaked on the whole thing! so here we could have still gone to vegas, but i was trying to be nice and accomodate everyone. (btw, the girls that flaked are all fi's friends' wives). errrr....i was upset at first, but it all worked out and the 8 of us that were left had a fantastic time!!! =)
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