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August 2009 Weddings

Table Numbers?

I had a fellow knottie do all of my paper products. I forgot to mention I wanted the table numbers in tent form. . .so they are flat(and nearly as tall as the vase that I'm using. Do you think it is okay to just lay the table numbers flat on the table? I only have 14 tables(one of those are the sweetheart's table). . .I have no idea how I would make them stand up without distracting the centerpiece.
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Re: Table Numbers?

  • We are using small table easles to set ours on cuz ours are just on cardstock (PIB of them on the easles)
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  • Thanks for your suggestion--I'm worried about the total look of it(with the table number obstructing the view of the vase with the candles or flowers(depending on the table).
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  • I see your point and that's sort of tricky.  If you lay them flat it might be just a little frustrating though for people.  I'm stuck though, not sure what I would do.
  • People will probably not be able to see them if they lay flat.  Can you go to the dollar store and invest in some photo frames that will fit them?  You could also rig up a little bit of cardstock on the back so that they'll stand if you want to.
  • Could you stand them up against the vase? I like the idea of the photo frames too...you could do a very simple frame that won't distract from the centerpiece.
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  • i dont know how intricate they are but is there a way to make them shorter?
  • Could you lean them up against the vase and then once everyone has been seated maybe one of the servers or a family member (stopping by to say hi, see how each table is doing) could lay them flat?  By that point everyone will know where their table is and then they would have dinner enjoying the centerpiece without the number obstructing it.
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