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August 2009 Weddings

F/U to Table Numbers with PIP

I decided to take pictures for you: I have a dilemma for the table numbers. . .I think they are too tall for the decor. . .I want to lay them flat(our floor plan is super simple, only 14 tables, everything in order). . . What do you think(or tablecloths are white). A little over half will have flowers--the other tables with have either the lavender candle or a deep purple candle.[img]http://tinyurl.com/kqc6un[/img][img]http://tinyurl.com/ne4agz[/img]
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Re: F/U to Table Numbers with PIP

  • honestly, I think it looks fine. I know it's frustrating when something happens that ruins the 'concept' you have going (believe me, I've had my share of unwanted changes!), but it really isn't bad. As an outsider, it looks normal and really pretty! If it were taller than the hurricane it would be weird, but it actually works. don't stress about it!
  • i think it looks like the perfect size. u dont want them laying down because no one will see them and it will be frustrating and annoying for your guests, as well as the waitstaff serving the meals
  • I think they look fine, too :)
  • I think they look fine. They don't over power the center vase at all. And if you're worried about them taking away from the centerpiece you can move them after everyone has been seated.
  • I think they are fine you may want to pull them away from the bigger vase a little but they are a good height.
  • I think they look great. Love the table #'s by the way, just beautiful. They don't take away from the centerpiece at all.
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  • Thanks ladies--You have put me at ease. I'm surprised that I am "stressing"(not really stressed out, but definitely contemplating) over tiny details. I will leave them as is, and them maybe have them taken off the tables after salads are served. We have a buffet, so the wait staff really do not need to know the table numbers. Actually, the day of, I probably won't even notice them!The person who made them had our menus, escort cards, programs, and invitations all "match"--the same colors/font/style. I'm really excited to see everything pulled together! She did an amazing job!
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