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August 2009 Weddings

I'm ba-aaaack!

Hi lovelies! The Mr. and I got back from Hawaii a few hours ago, and since I haven't adjusted to the 6 hour time difference yet, I'm stalking a billion wedding pictures from friends. I'm working on putting together a bio with pics (there are a ton on facebook if you're interested) but in the meantime, 2 things. 1. Honeymoons rule. I'm jealous of everyone who still has theirs to look forward to. The best part was sunset at the infinity pool - witness exhibit A: [IMG] http://i30.tinypic.com/dbtt0p.jpg [/IMG] Ugh, WHY do I live in Philadelphia again? 2. After seeing my friends' pictures, I don't even know why I paid a photographer. Specifically though, one of my friends is starting a photography business and he posted some of his pics on his blog with a few words about the day: [URL]http://joeysee.com/blog/[/URL] Can't wait to see everyone's pictures, and happy wedding weekend to the girls getting married tomorrow and Sunday!

Now jumping domestically.


Well that was a crazy couple of years.

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Re: I'm ba-aaaack!

  • Yay you're back! You were SO beautiful (but that was obvious). I'm so incredibly jealous of Hawaii, it almost makes me wanna cry. :PI'll send along the link to my pro pics, since I posted it awhile ago while you were gone - in case you care to check them out! Missed ya!http://www.flickr.com/photos/laura-paul/sets/72157622081665930/
  • Welcome back! Everything looked so beautiful. And Hawaii is so magical - definitely hard to come back from! Congrats.
  • Welcome back!  You looked gorgeous on your wedding day (already stalked some photos) and I agree on the honeymoon thing.  We just got back from Greece a few hours ago and I am not ready to be"normal" again.  I really want to go back. 
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  • Congrats! The honeymoon is hard to come back from.  I know it was awesome to do nothing but hang out with DH for a week.

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  • uh, so I definitely already stalked Joey's pictures at MOH's house, and we both thought he might have/could have been your professional photographer. that dude is GOOD! honeymoons are definitely awesome. it's kind of bullsh!t that we only get one. I vote for more. you were an absolutely beautiful bride, LER! oh, andplusalso, congrats on getting Michael Vick. hahahaa
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  • Gorgeous pictures!DH didn't want to leave Hawaii. Between my family and the food and my friend selling his condo and probably willing to lease it to us, he really, really wanted to stay. lolMIL and CousinIL took some great shots at my wedding too. We keep telling MIL to do her photography professionally, she's more than talented enough. Links in sig. and congrats and welcome back!
  • look at you sexy lady!
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  • Welcome back leo! Where's that infinity pool at? I want in to that kind of action! Your friend's pics look soooooo good!
  • Congrats, Leo! You looked A-mazing, and you guys look so great together!
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